A ‘Weightless’ Approach to one heavy diagnosis: Mike’s Aquatic Therapy journey

LAMBERT: I’d stumble. You know trip over things and stuff like that. But we were so busy just thinking about a new baby that I didn’t
really do anything about it, didn’t go in. I’ve been in this wheelchair for two years. And now that I’m off the medication, the infusions and I figured if I wanted to try to get back up to walk now’s the time. I’ve got more energy and there’s tools like the pool that are really helping me progress. JESSEN: Being able to come into the pool and be able to do things that he can’t do on
land. Just being able to stand up. I think it really improves his mood. Right. Imporves his sense of independence. LAMBERT: When you have kind of this paralysis, your leg is still there, but, but it just feels like it’s encased in
cement. That you try to move it. And like trying to move your toes in the tight shoe or something where you know you’re moving it in your mind but it’s not actually moving. JESSEN: Seems like every time it comes and gains a range of motion we’ve gained a
little bit of strength. It’s like, “Hey look at that that better than
last week.” And that’s just exciting to see. LAMBERT: I have two little girls and I’d like to participate in things where I need to walk. I want to take them camping. I want to you, know go on hikes with them, and there are things that I can still do in
this chair if I if I have to be in this chair forever
that’s fine. But I want to try. So and pool is helping me do that. KLEIN: It’s just dramatic how improved his, his strength is able to power himself
up. He has not been able to do that since he lost the use of his legs. So it’s a significant job. So if I can get him to the point where he can
actually walk his girls into their classrooms or you know walk them to school. That would make such a big difference for
him. I think it’s possible. LAMBERT: So the thing about standing like this is to get this perspective of the world. I haven’t had for a quite awhile. The amount of improvement in over just a couple of weeks in the pool was astounding, like, like, emotionally astounding because I haven’t moved that way in so long. Through this whole thing you realize, you know, value every day because you don’t know how many we got. Or or what you can do with those days. My wife and I we’ve got plans. We’re not going to let this stop us. My dad’s been important in my life. I just want to be there for my kids. That’s pretty much it.

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