About “Aquatic Pesticide Management”

– As a pesticide applicator, you know that you need to be safe and follow label directions
when applying pesticides. Treating or controlling aquatic plants in water areas can be
even more challenging. Hi, I’m Jim Clarke with
Penn State Extension, and I’m offering a new online class, Aquatic Pesticide Management. This course is for applicators who need category nine credits or pond owners with a
private applicator license who need re-certification credits. In this course, you will learn how to recognize some common
aquatic problem plants, take pond measurements to properly calculate any applications, and treat any aquatic
pest problems you do have with physical, biological,
or chemical control methods. Most importantly, you will learn
about your pond’s ecosystem and the role of different plants within the aquatic environment and how to safely
prevent or correct issues like excessive algae and nuisance plants. This course is applicable to
aquatic pesticide applicators, private applicators,
and rural pond owners. To learn how to manage your pond, use aquatic pesticide safely, and follow approved techniques, sign up for Aquatic
Pesticide Management today.

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