Abyss Aquatic Warehouse : visite de la boutique

Hi welcome to the Abyss Aquatic
warehouse here in Stockport England I’d like to show you around our shop and
show you what makes us so special and hopefully inspire you to get a marine
tank or a tropical tank if you don’t already have one. So we have many
customers that visit the store around 10,000 a month which is great for us so
we like to take a lot of time to inspire people so we have lots of dry
goods and our main features that customers love is our display tank. And
the reason they love this tank is because it lets them see that you don’t
have to spend a fortune and you can have a reef aquarium or a marine aquarium
with very little maintenance so this aquarium here for example has
around an hour to an hour and a half’s maintenance every week and that’s it. So
it’s something anyone can recreate at home.
Obviously it doesn’t have to be this big Not everyone can fit a 6 by 2 by 2 in the
lounge but it inspires people and it shows them that it can be done. So this
aquarium is set the feed nice and simply on dry food and so if you go on holiday
then you’ve not got the worry of your neighbor murdering all of you fish with
food.And filtration wise it runs on external canister filters. So these are Eheim filtration.
Eheim external filters with the original media in and we also use one for chemical
filtration there’s actually a third at the end here so we do a 20% water change every two
weeks. We open the filters at the end around every three months and the small
filter monthly and we also sterilize this aquarium.On top of the aquarium are
our favorite light which are the Ecotech Radion. … and obviously the look of
the aquarium the coral growth is an absolute given with those lights.One of
the customers favorite features is the fact we have the control for the lights
to keep them entertained.So something that customers love is to see all of the
features of these lights and it’s great for kids as well because we really like
to encourage children to get into our hobby
you can see the fish are hiding now waiting for the rain it really is something that customers
love to see and it’s great fun so it’s something that always intrigues people
they love to see it as well as obviously being able to choose your favorite color
which is always a winner there’s a little girl behind us there that is just
loving the color of the pink so yeah so obviously to get to this stage we have a
lot of big corals have grown out so something you can’t particularly
important you can see so we like to show people that you are capable of growing
coral and you don’t have to buy a color fulfill every single space. So with this
aquarium as the inspiration then people need to fill it. So that’s when our fish
room will come into play. So I always love the reaction of people
the first time to see the aquarium we keep it dark it’s nice and fun and it’s
really vivid so we care for these animals really well. so in the front half
of the shop we have the plant section with some beautiful rare and potted
plants. We give a lot of advice and information regarding planted aquariums.
How to keep them well and algae free. So, the front half is the tropical
freshwater section we have specialist little tanks for some
of the Nano species some fighters we have some beautiful and specimens in well decorated and it gives people a little bit of inspiration even if they
don’t have much room to put an aquarium. The back end of the shop is the marine
section. So we have fish either side we have fish and invertebrates in the
center and then we have all the corals at the back. So most people call it fish heaven or
kids in a sweetshop or something like that or and the level of stuff we carry
is what impresses people the most and then the condition so for us people sort
of we’ve ended up as with it as a saying because customers say there’s nothing
like in a best fish. So everything nice and chunky and healthy you know every
time that doors opening the getting fat. We do feed quite heavily.So when it
comes to feeding and it’s something we’ve put a great importance on and we
will feed around four to five types of different frozen food in the aquarium
daily and around eight to ten types of dry food varying from dried seaweeds
flakes to pellets and the fish will be fed between 5 to 20 times a day some
species will be fed every half-hour to keep weight on them so this is to make
sure that the fish is in immaculate condition before the consumer has the
chance to buy it and it’s what makes our name with fish so when the saying goes
there’s nothing quite like in the best fish and it’s so it’s something I’m
really proud of. So probably 95% of the livestock we sell
is now for a reef aquarium. Reef aquariums become the most popular type
we have very few customers that have fish only so predatory fish and most
people want fish to mix with the corals so we have an awful lot choice in coral
and what we have seen across the last few years is that people do like to be
able to buy smaller pieces of coral to see if they like them to see how
successful they are with them and to give them more variety. The corals in our
aquarium at the front started off life in here at some point and they all were
around the size of my palm so these sorts of corals
so we never choose anything that the customer can’t buy or anything that’s
hard to keep and the tank does get a lot of love and a lot of interest.
we’d normally carry around 1200 frags at any one point and so that when the
customer visits they always feel like they have a massive choice. Right the way across the board this tends to be people’s favorite frags
tank at the minute though and at 23 pounds a frag. There’s some absolutely
beautiful specimens in here … or some unusual Monti and it really is a plethora of coral that is easy to keep
and colorful. So in our freshwater section we have
seen a massive push towards people really loving and wanting to care for a
planted aquarium which has been, you know a really interesting change for us
to have an awful lot of accessories to complement that and then an awful lot of
fish and shrimps and critters so it’s always a nice surprise to see people’s
face when they realize they can put something interesting and small and
delicate in a tropical tank so some of the tropical shrimps are really amazing
and do a great functional job as well so one of the most interesting projects
that we have done over the past four years is to locate source and test
natural seawater. So now we have 225 000 liter containers that we have
natural seawater tank it in. We only sell natural seawater now and we have no
need for the synthetic and we have found an awful lot of benefits to this if it’s
something you’ve not tried as long as the quality of the seawater is good I
would definitely recommend to try it for your aquarium. I’d like to thank you for
letting me show you around my shop the Abyss Aquatic warehouse in Stockport
England. We’re open 7 days a week and we would love to see you. We hope we’ve
inspired you to get an aquarium.Thank you!

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    Pensez vous qu il soit possible de les exporter en france
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