Well, it turns out that parking, its $25.00 super expensive! We are going to get a wristbands that we will wear and we will show in any restaurant inside to eat for free Because we paid for a service that includes that , we can eat and drink free all day long inside the park. Lets go! This you see here is the sign that advertise the service I just mentioned before where you can eat free all day long for one time fee We are in Aquatic at this moment, I came with Isa and her friend We will be expending this afternoon here in this park I am not sure if I will be able to record everything today I have a Go pro with me and my cell inside a plastic pouch I am not really sure if that is going to work good But I hope to spend an incredible day and that you enjoy the park and that I can show you the park Look how cute , Isa This is the first lazy river And we will be going around this lazy river later Show below Cute! There is also another option to pay a pass to avoid having to make the lines and I really advise it because it is very favorable We also rent this locker to put our belongings And this is how much it cost You use your credit card to rent it You make a payment And look you create a secret password to open and close the locker What do you want me to use Isa? 1631, is the locker we were given! The number is 1631 And you are done! And isa got a print out receive, and we are going to look for the locker now. 1631 Well it turns out that in order to get on that ride you see there We have to enter by the lazy river Grab a raft, Get in the raft around the river and exit , as soon as we see the ride entrance to make the line for that ride So Isabella and her friend grabbed a double raft Double raft We are going down the river And this is like the lazy river looks like Yes, this is like the lazy river looks like yeah!! There is little bits of water dripping on our head We keep on going on the lazy river This is good We are going to exit here, to get in the line Here we are That is the line we will be doing Bye Bye Isa I love you Mom Go! See you down there! There I Go now! I am going now Is Super dark over here I am going backwards now I came all the way backwards I came head first We just did our first ride In this raft This ride was super high But it was super fun after all Mom, did u filmed inside? Yes I did filmed inside How cute! I have my Go Pro in one hand This is a Go Pro hero7 I really hope I did a good job with it And I am filming as well with my cell You see is hanging from my Neck with a ribbon and is protected inside a plastic pouch I hope is doing a good job and I don’t regret later having film mostly everything with the cell inside the pouch See you Guys! I am going to have fun now From up here You can see the ride that we just did The lazy river Other rides in the other side And now we are doing another line in another ride And at the end of the ride We are suppose to pass by a dolphin area Isa is going down the ride now Deborah is going down the rise as well three, two, one Yes, nice So I have to wait until the light turns green to go inside the ride I do not think that you will be going down the ride today What? I think it is prohibited to go down the ride with a Go Pro I am going to make a call hold on I can’t leave my Go Pro behind with you I know , let me make a phone call,,, You’ll have to go down the stairs Say it again? You’ll have to go down the stairs What do you mean to go down the stairs? You have to go down and drop the Go Pro off Where am I supposed to leave it? Don’t you have a locker? yes! I can not let you go with the Go Pro Your phone is fine, but the GoPro is not What do you mean the phone is fine and the GoPro is not It is the same thing I can tuck it right inside my suit It is the same thing So, this is the ride I was unable to do , because I had a GoPro in my hand The lifeguard had an argument up there with me to forbid me from going down the ride She even held me back to make calls to double check she was correct from prohibiting me to go down and she held me there like 5 minutes knowing that my two little girls were alone waiting down below In this ride there is not a single sign that say is prohibited to wear a Go Pro or have a camera Does anybody over here see any sign about the Go Pro in this sign over here? Because I do not see it It doesn’t say anything So… Riders must be 48 Inches Single riders only Riders must be able to maintain proper riding position No sports shorts, t-shirts, loose fitting clothing, similar items.. Max operational load is la, la la, la Rider os this attraction will be exposed to forces, speeds, la, la la Only one rider to enter each lane Do not uncross your legs Please exit the splash pool area quickly Do not block end of slide No swimming or flotation devices ..thank You! Does any body see anything about Go Pro over here? No, not even about cameras Stop! Important issues You can not go with shorts or whatever, does anybody see anything about GoPro Over here? No No t-shirts or lifejackets permitted Maximum operational load its, la, la, la Does anybody see anything about Go pro here? No Again, I am placing a complain in the park This is me today, today is July 29th year 2019 I went up this ride call dolphin ride in the Aquatica park They did not let me go in the ride after my minor children went down because I had a Go Pro in my hand There is not sign whats or ever in the ride prohibiting Go Pros in the ride And this is going to be post in youtube now Thank you There is restaurants around the park We have a ticket that allow us to eat free anywhere That is a nice card We have a ticket that allow us to eat free anywhere I had a bad experience here toady in the dolphin ride and that is why I was unable to record it The lifeguard did not let me go down the ride Because I had a GoPro Cam in my hand I was also had this cell pouch hanging from my neck She said the phone is ok but GoPro is not You can go down the slide today, use the stairs My little girls had already gone down the slide when she started arguing with me about this matter She mades me go down the stairs because she decided that she will not let me go down I am telling her that down below there is not sign prohibiting the GoPro But still, she said she will not let me go because of the Go Pro Of course took me time to go down and when I get down I can’t find my children I was looking for them for about 15 minutes and I find them crying I placed a complaint in the park and I also recorded the rules for you guys to see that inside the park, there is not rule that prohibits people from having a GoPro Everybody have a pouch hanging from their neck with their cell And everyone is recording but GoPro is not permitted in the park or at least in that ride called dolphin They say for security reasons I think that if they want to have such a rule They should post it on their rules sign Because in America, what is not prohibited It is allowed! And they made me loose one hour in this ride And that is the review I am going to leave here today about this aquatic park Maybe it could have been a nice day but I will not recommend this park anymore for the abuse This is the ride we will be doing now And this is a children playground it really looks good and fun I am looking for Isa now because I want us to move forward Say hi to the camera What is going on? Its a lazy river We are going fast is goes fast We are going very fast We can not stop I am telling isa to slow down now to try to reach the exit to go to the beach now There is an artificial beach with waves Super good We are having a good time despite the Go Pro incident Bad, bad incident! We are right now inside the beach with waves The waves are going to start now The water starts moving fast waves are going up and down now thats so much fun and they are real artificial waves She can not reach, do you see? Because she is petite I am holding the little one Isa is right behind me, look at her This was the waves experience how did you guys like it? we made it to shore We made it to shore and we are going to another ride Let’s go! Let’s go! This is like the waves look from distance Do you see? Look at the waves Isa, don’t go far! You guys this is too much fun I am going backwards I turned it around I’m entering a dark tube full of water In a double raft but I am going down by myself I almost made it We are leaving the park now because there is a storm announcement There is lightning and the lifeguards took every body out of the pool area This was it for today We had fun despite the GoPro incident and the lifeguard who did not let me go in a ride because I was holding the Go Pro in my hand I can say we had fun despite what happened But I do not want to recommend this park to any friend Just because of the incident we had with GoPro This is year 2019 How is it possible that they allow you to have a pouch hanging from your neck that can get tangled in the neck and kill you and that they don’t allow a GoPro in the hand Hello, people Year 2019, get a life This is QueenVegaMiami for the youtube channel QueenVegaMiami

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