ADA Tokyo, Japan! Aqua Forest. Longfin Neon Tetras! Amazing Plants.

– Hey everyone, Cory from Aquarium Co-op, and today I’m at Aqua Forest in Tokyo. I’m in a mall as you can see here, and this little store
is tucked underground, and let’s go ahead and get started, there’s lots of cool planted tanks, so I’ll try to spend some time on them. So here we have a pretty cool scape, that obviously comes up
above the water here, but. Some big amano shrimp. Lots of CO2 running in here. Mostly looks like glosso
and mosses and some anubias. A dragon oku stone. Some Chinese bitterlings. It looks like little
kitty tetras and ottos. Some little goldfish. That scape won’t stay that way forever, but those pearlscales
doing just fine for now. This scape’s pretty cool,
it uses wood and rock. Which I guess the other one did too, but I like this opening
they’ve created here. You can kinda look though. Lots of sand on the back, obviously. These little rainbows, about as many rainbows
are OK in here for now, but I think long term
this isn’t gonna work. But nevertheless an
impressive looking display. Some dwarf hairgrass, more glosso I think. I don’t know, dwarf baby tears. Another little tank with cardinal tetras. And over here, more ricefish. More mossballs, ricefish. Very popular here. One of those kitty tetras. Lots of amanos doing work in here. That’s the key to some of these scapes, is an army of amanos. You could buy this tank, it
looks for, let’s see, $5,400? Yeah, this tank right here,
the whole setup is $5,400. Well, let’s look at some
of their stock here, we got corydoras down low, roseline shark, that’s flaketail pratcha lotus, and some pearl gouramis
and some eartheaters. Got some discus up here. Some more discus over here as well. Looks like the discus
start at about 60 bucks. Let’s see, down here we got some, I’ll say those are Inle
danios, something like that. Some whiptail catfish. And some other plecos in here,
some other exotic plecos. Lots of goldfish and things
like that down below. Looks like shubunkins
and maybe some dragoneye. But you know the main reason we’re here is probably the plants, I would say. This looks like some coral moss. A lot of these, I apologize
if I don’t know the name, because I don’t know
the name of all of them, and there’s gonna be plants I’ve never seen before, for sure. I think that’s like a
coral or a rose moss. I don’t even know that plant. I mean maybe it’s a (mumbles)? Maybe, I’m not sure. Hydrocotyle triparta. Little mosses in the back there. Glossostigma, as you can see there it’s actually in English. Looks like baby tears, this might be red nesaea, maybe? More mosses. Something like this moss here,
which is pretty nice, is $15. They do have quite the
selection of nice mosses here. They got their own kind of fertilizer. Huh, that’s a fern I hadn’t seen before. This fern right here. It’s like bolbitis, but
different, interesting. I don’t know if it’s a
true aquatic or not, but. Interesting, they have all
these anubias planted here, but they’re planted too deep, they should rot off from being that deep, but maybe they sell them
so fast it doesn’t matter. You have some nice crinum there. That’s nice. That’s some bolbitis in the back there, that’s what I’m used to seeing. And down low, I’ll zoom in here. But lots of plants that I don’t know. Looks like more hydrocotyle
triparta there, baby tears. And some hairgrass, dwarf hairgrass. That’s riccia on rocks, and tied down, this is a type of pennywort I don’t know, and it’s a hydrocotyle
of some type, I think. And that’s a crypt I don’t know there. I would assume, I’m
pretty sure it’s a crypt, it doesn’t say, so I can’t be sure. This one hydrocotyle is
a little umbrella plant, they call that one. That might be spiky moss. I’m not sure what type of moss that is. I’m pretty sure this is… (mumbles) Lots of bosa, looks like super, er, red ludwigia. Some tiger lotus. Looks like ambulia. Looks like fissidens moss, another type of moss, I’m not sure. Kinda cool putting on top
of a pot like that, I guess. Lots of, these are all buces up here. Lots of little buces. Looks like they’re anywhere from 20 bucks to 30 bucks on the buces. Here’s a crypt. Legroi, I don’t know that one, I’ve never seen that one in person before. Let’s see, what else do we have here. These plants are coming from Tropica, I believe is what that symbol is. Coffeefolia, looks like
lutea here, crypto lutea. Anubias nana bonsai. It’s kinda big for nana. Oh yeah, temple plant down there. And over here, it’s just kinda cool, they’ve got lots of these
different types of aquatic ferns. Not all these strains are in the US. The one we normally see is
the Bolbitis heudelotii. That’s such a good pot of it, I wish I could buy that in the US. And then we’ve got
crispus, or not crispus. Yeah, crispus. Apongeton crispus. We got moss with buces on it, don’t know how much those
are, ’cause the problem is, when it doesn’t show me a picture, I can’t read that, so it’s like, well, who knows what that one was. But, Java fern, and a lob, a needle leaf. I wonder if this is
anubias species, marble? I can’t read it, but might make sense if they’re 32 bucks each. Maybe? Although, that’s 32 bucks,
something up here is $250. I don’t know what that is, either. So still more plants to go, for sure. Lots more mosses, more
baby tears, Monte Carlo. That’s a, I think they
call this Mexican oakleaf. You don’t see it too often. Anubias nana. See that down low. That’s a plant you don’t see very often, kind of a nice orange color. Lots of, that might be spiky
moss there, I’m not sure. Cabomba, Nymphoides ‘Taiwan’. I wonder if these bitterlings
are good algae eaters, they seem to have them in a
lot of their tanks with plants. So they might be good algae eaters. Let’s look at some more
fish while we’re here. Looks like moonlight gouramis and mollies. Balloon kisser fish, you
don’t see that every day. Neon dwarf rainbows. More mollies and green tiger barbs. Albino cherry barbs. Glass fish. Some decent pearlscales. Baby ranchus, these guys are
20 bucks or 30 bucks, I guess? Mollies, cherry barbs, just kinda going through real quick here. Neon tetras, serpae tetras. Looks like we got green neons and, uh, Julii corys. Norman lampeye killis and panda corys. Sterbai corys. Rummy-nose tetras. Salt and pepper corys and albinos. Let’s see what else we’ve got here. Looks like we’ve got
a little display tank. Hmm, more of the umbrella plant there. Let’s walk over here to more plants. That’s a cool plant. Oh, wabi-kusa. We’ve got banana plants there. Some more buces, that’s
a nice form of buce, looks like, I don’t know
how much that one is. Most of these buces in here are $35. That says anubias, but
that must be the vendor, ’cause that’s crypt, uh, beckettii. Some more buces on wood. Kinda flowing though here. Come down. Looks like wisteria. Yeah, maybe wisteria, I
forgot what that plant is, whether it’s wisteria or not. Next to Java fern, more crypts. Some bacopa. Looks like scarlet temple. This is Pogostemum stellatus octopus. What do we got down here, lots of crypts. Probably some I don’t know. Hairgrass. Crypt parva is that little one there. Some more crypts and some ruffled swords, or something like that. And that might be Java
fern trident in there? And then let’s head up. Some more plants. Just gonna kinda through these
a little faster, just, ah. Lots of moss on things. I come down here. These guys are kinda nice. Some dwarf sag. More moss on rock. The mini moss balls. I’m not sure that plant’s
a true aquatic, but. Italian val. Sunset high grove. More wisteria. Looks like anubias. And then anacharis and
more mosses growing out. That’s a cool plant back there. Cool texture to it. Sorry if you hear this weird sound, there’s a sink over here
kinda making a weird sound. I don’t know what it’s doing, but. Up here we’ve got some terrarium plants. And we’ve got more mosses
growing in little things, this is kind of a good idea. Some of the 1-2-Grow cups. These haven’t really
made it in the US yet, ’cause they’re a little expensive. Even here they’re 20 bucks a piece, I wanna say in the US they’re
like 12 to 15, depending. Some more fish, which I am more of a fish
guy, not a plant guy, but. These are some nice rams. I swear this is the red form that is new. I haven’t seem them in the US, I mean maybe they’re just golds, but they’re really nice golds. We have the hatchet danio. Those are pretty cool. And I think these are all little heaters, what those are in the back there. Glowlight danio, we got
pearlscale, platinum angels. We got sunset gouramis,
and things like that. Oh, these are some nice, like,
yellow form emperor tetras. Snakeskin barbs. I think these are the
diamond head neon tetras. We’ve got more rams and
red emperor tetras up here. With like a little catfish back there, I don’t know what that guy is. Trying to zoom in, I can’t
zoom in on him back there. Oh, he’s right here. Oh yeah, I had these a
couple times in my store. These little guys, they need
to be in a little group, and they were hard to feed and they looked pretty
skinny in this tank too, so I’m not the only one
having problems with them. Lots of cardinal tetras, and then here’s something you don’t
see in the States usually, balloon pristella tetras. Looks like we got some green
neons and lemon tetras. Fancy guppy males, and females. Ooh, nice. I think these might be the L333s. I’m not sure, but those are nice. They’re not zebras. But I do like those, I wanna
get some of those actually for myself in the States. Looks like we got apistos in here. Not sure what else really, some plecos and some hatchet fish. More ricefish down here mixed
with some adolfoi corys. Not sure what type of cory that is. Those almost look like
axelrodi or CW21s, maybe? Probably wrong off the top of
my head, but going on the fly. More cool corys over here. A lot of these are 48 to 68 bucks. Yeah, they’ve got lots of cool corys. But the price reflects it, some of these in here are 65 bucks, but nevertheless, cool, cool, cool. So let’s see what else we’ve got. We’ve got the plants over
there we went through. Looks like some long fin white
clouds, always a favorite. With a blue, like a blue rand. Good looking Odessa barbs, and some gold barbs with
moss for cleaning that. Albino neons. But I haven’t seen the
albino neons look this good. Always been more washed out
when I’ve ordered them in. Rummy-nose tetras. We got some of the drape fin barb. Kind of a cool looking little fish. Drape fin barb, blue rand. Yeah, so those are the normal neon tetras, I mean it’s the same of the
albino, so at least what I get, I don’t know what they’re
calling these ones. I mean, they’re not albino, but they’re clearly not
normal either, they’re cool. And here’s a different form of
cardinal tetra you don’t see, looks like a melanistic form, almost. It’s kinda weird. Looks like we got some
gold Australe killis, mixed in with the gold Congo tetras. It’s got the kitty tetra in here. Yeah, the kitty tetras, I’m bringing these in to my
store and they’re not cheap, they’re $3.80, so a four,
five dollar tetra typically. We’ve got serpae tetras,
more emperor tetras down low. We got more corys. I haven’t seen that one before, that one in the middle there. Ooh, I haven’t seen those guys, either. They’ve definitely got quite
a collection of corys going. I don’t know if I’ve ever
seen corys looking this good, slash, like, I don’t
know in the back there, is that sterbai or is that haraldschultzi? I don’t know. But they’ve got quite a
collection to chose from here. I would love to have
this store local to me. So then we’ve got kind of
a little tank down here. Tons of panda corys. We’ve got little P puffers next to some brackish water spotted puffers. More plants for sale and tanks for sale, all these little nano setups are for sale, if you choose to take
home they drain the water and send you home with it. We got kind of some normal wood shrimp. With some frogs, got cherry
shrimp down below here. With some rice, no, some killis. Those are the blue killis. Cardinal tetras. We got all these cool little small tanks to hold some of these
little fish like barbatus. Looks like he darted away. Some of the furcata rainbows. Yeah, I don’t know what
these little lines are here. I don’t know if that’s a heater, or if that’s some kinda
water filtration system. I don’t see any overflow, so that’s… There’s no air coming
out of that thing either, so I’m not sure what that is, honestly. Every little tank. That’s a lot of rainbows in a little, or, not rainbows, looks like bitterlings. If we turn the corner here, we got some platys. Oh my god. Oh my god, this fish I’ve
been looking for for so long. This is like a holy grail fish for me, this is the long fin neon tetra. It’s that weird form that
I don’t know what it is. It’s like a diamond head,
slash whatever, but, oh look back there. The normal long fins. Wow, never seen these in person. Never seen them on a wholesale list ever. And I’ve only ever seen them in articles. That is worth a trip to the
store just to see these. I don’t know why these
haven’t made it in the US, or around the world. They haven’t gotten bigger. Wow. That is something you don’t see everyday. I’m wicked impressed by that. That’s cool. How much are they, do they even say? Yeah, so they’re right here. It means they’re $18.50 each or three for 50 bucks, basically. Those are so cool. I wish I would take them home, but I’m not gonna have time to spawn them. Man. Oh, wow. It’s not every day you
see a holy grail fish. Sorry for the noise, someone’s
packing fish over there, but, holy grail fish, I’ve
been looking for that fish for probably eight, ten years, never seen it in person before, and first shop I’ve seen
over here that’s had it, and they’re not cheap but I would love to
have those in my store, I would love to be breeding them or getting a breeder
locally to work with them, but man, I’ll be watching
the video over and over again just for that. So let’s keep looking. Just goes to show, you never
know what you’re going to see around the next corner. We’ve got just normal white clouds here, and then we’ve got something you don’t see in the US very often, these are the red rainbow,
but it’s balloon form. I wonder how these behave in an aquarium, normally I don’t like balloon form, but maybe they’re much more docile because they can’t be more
aggressive, I don’t know. And then down low we
have more neon tetras. And then we’ve got lots
of ottos down below, three bucks a piece. Then we’ve got rummy-nose tetras. Albino Congos. What do we have in here,
just some more of that kinda melanistic neon tetra form black neons. Lots of baby norman lampeye killis. Lots of water mixing for
something, I don’t know. And then over here, we kinda
got some floating plants, and we’ve got this cool
living wall up here. So, living wall. Very red frogbit, I think. Ah, actually different
from frogbit, I believe. Not sure what plant that is, but I don’t see the veining
in frogbit typically. Lots of wabi-kusa over here. That’s pretty neat. And then lots of dry goods over here. It’s kinda weird, they
carry a lot bigger sizes in some of the Hikari
products than we do in the US. Like you can’t get this guppy food in this size of a bag in the US. That’s kinda weird, but. Kinda funny to see stuff I sell every day in a different package. Keep kinda panning through here, lots of oku stone, things like that. I think it’s more expensive
here than it is at my own store. That rock right there, maybe
it’s on par, but that’s $12.80. Some of these smaller
stones, $7.80, you know, I don’t think it’s even a
pound, but what do I know. Little shrimp tubes
you don’t see everyday. I haven’t seen those before. Oh, that’s kind of cool. I might have to get one
of these, these little, I’ll put one of these in my tank just so I can remember
my trip to Japan here. I’m gonna get one of these, actually. I think that’s real cool. I normally don’t do decorations, but this’ll be a way to
remember Japan in my fish room. So I’m gonna get one of these before, I’ll set it down now, but I’ll come back. Let’s see here, what else. Lots of substrates, more rock. This is something cool, I think. This is, if you need to
put oxygen into a bag, it’s just, like right
here, you just pack it. Like this is a bottle of oxygen. That’s kinda cool, I think,
that they have those things. They also have the CO2 here. You just charge it into
something, it’s kinda cool. They’ve also got, you know, this is very similar to the
Cobalt air pump, $35 here. These are all little CO2
diffusers and check valves. Looks like these are all different kinds of root tabs in here. Some ferts. Let’s see what else
they’ve got that’s cool. Look around the corner. Yeah, so these are heaters. Yeah, there’s, they come
with the thing on them, and oh yeah, I was
right, that is a heater, that little thing was a heater. Even though it had some
floss in it or something. Some more driftwood. Hang on back filters. Nothing too different in
the hang on back filters. They’ve got lots of tank mats there. EHEIM filters up above, and little doodads. Some more sponge intakes, I love that. I wish more stores in the
US sold sponge intakes, I mean, I do, but most stores don’t, and they’re really hard
to get commercially, like I have to make some of them. But, that is what it is. Oh look, the last fish tanks here. Everyone’s working and busy,
getting ready for the day. I got here early, early
like right when they opened. Got topaz guppies. Some red delta albinos. Some old glass fish. Albino and veil tail cherry barbs. Not very many apistos here I’m seeing, that’s kinda surprising to me. Oh wait, there’s some. Is that maybe some borellii? It’s hard to know when you’re, eh, it doesn’t have the
body shape for borellii. Looks like shrimp, orange shrimp, blue shrimp, orange shrimp. Looks like we got Bs here. Crystals, blacks. I don’t know this tiny little fish. Could be just a micro rasbora, some type. We got some knives in here. Yeah that looks like an albino. What is this guy, like an
albino woodcat or something? I can’t show it to you guys, it’s hiding right underneath here. But it looks like an
albino woodcat which is, I’ve never seen an albino woodcat before. But what do I know. If I can zoom in through the back here. Definitely looks melanistic, maybe? ‘Cause there’s a melanistic one, and there’s a normal one in the same tank. Who knows, right? I don’t know, but. I guess we got some kribs. Looks like we have a whole
lot of kribensis there. So that’s Aqua Forest in
Tokyo in the shopping mall. Cool, cool store. Found one of my holy grail fish, found some other cool stuff. Gonna get a little ornament to bring home as a remembrance of this place, and if you like what you
saw, go ahead and like it, it makes it so I do more videos like this. Go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t. In general, go ahead and
support us by sharing content and telling your friends,
things like that. And until next time, we’ll
see you in the next video.

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