Adaptation Drawing by Paul Carney

Adaptation Drawing. Very often scientists,
engineers and mathematicians, use the properties of one thing for another quite different purpose.
This video explains this process and attempts to show you how you might improve that kind
of thinking in yourself. So this exercise is a test of your imagination
skills and it requires you to look at a photograph or a drawing of a familiar object and then
try to use your imagination to adapt and change it into something different.
You don’t have to change it into something recogniseable what you could do is you could
just change it into a pattern or turn it into abstract marks.
So don’t get too hung up on making it into a shape.
But I’m going to look at it and turn it around look at it from different angles and perspectives
and see what might it become. I think that could be a foot and that could
be a leg and that is a head there. And this I’ve decided can be a hand.
Then we’ll draw another hand. Then we’ll continue that there and we’ll do the other leg there.
For some reason I’ve decided he’s going to have a hat with long flowing hair.

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