Afterschool: “She’s Increased Her Academic Abilities and Her Confidence.”

My name is Jasymn Cortes. I’m 12 years old, and I live in Lompoc, California. I’m in sixth grade. I like to dance, play on my tablet, and read
books. I live with my mom, my grandma, my two brothers,
and my sister. I have the option for my son and daughter
to be watched by family members after school, but I was given the opportunity for them to
be enrolled in the YMCA afterschool program, where they are engaged in physical activity,
and they are learning new things. What I most like about the afterschool program
is that we do STEAM projects, we do arts and crafts, we go to the computer lab to do homework,
and we have free time outside. You’re starting five gold. Okay? And it is very important that you put
the number and the color. Jasmyn Cortes has been in our achievement
gap program since she was in fourth grade. When she first came, she was kind of shy,
didn’t really talk to very many students. Before she wouldn’t really talk, she wouldn’t
really ask questions in the classroom, but now she’s the first one to raise her hand
to help someone else. She’s now in a dance program and she dances. She’s very outgoing, always wanting to volunteer
to help. What I mostly like about the YMCA’s afterschool
program is the staff because they’re nice, they make you feel comfortable, and they help
me with my homework. And along with those passions, she’s also
been able to develop the research skills and the critical thinking skills to take on higher
learning. Reading the questions helps when you’re reading
the paragraph again. Okay? With the help of the ASES Program, Jasmyn
has increased her academic abilities and has become more confident. Her reading levels have improved tremendously. Comprehension–is able to understand what
she is reading. And this time you are going to start with
a book. I’ve seen a wide range of improvements in
Jasmyn since her participation in the YMCA’s afterschool program. She’s getting A’s and B’s, and I feel that
this is boosting her confidence. She’s more comfortable with herself. Any time any of the staff need help, she’s
always the first one to volunteer. She is more engaged in the classroom because
she’s experienced success. You know, she’s definitely come out of her
shell a lot. She’s doing everything on her own, she’s super
helpful, and we’re just excited to see how she’s blossomed in this program.

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