Alec’s Arts and Crafts – Episode 440: How to Carve a Soapstone Turtle

Hello, and um… welcome to… um th- uhh- the next episode of Alec’s Arts and Crafts If you remember um… fr- from my last episode, I made I told you I was going to make um a 3 foot tall two-footed dragon um but the- then I remembered that um I forgot- I forgot to make a video for the… the turtle that I carved I think I showed you one of the other episodes the turtle um… So, today uh, in episode uhhh… forr… four forty uhhh, I’m gonna- I’m gonna carve this turtle again from the raw rock and, uh, show you how I made this um yeah, the turtle alright ok, th- this step is to draw the outline, so I’m gonna draw with a pencil um, what I want to carve here’s I’ve got a raw rock here. Kinda like the one I drew- er- carved the first turtle out of um, so… what- I-, I just drew the outline, um on the rock um but, I- I could do that Instead, I’m just gonna use, um the original rock so, the turtle that I carved the first time I’m just gonna use that in this video ‘cuz it’ll be easier um and you can see what I’m doing So, you just draw the outline and uh… you can see it kinda kinda looks like a turtle and that’s… that’s step two. Draw the outline Ok, th- the next step is to get all the rough edges the extra material out that y- th- we don’t want um So, I’m gonna use the broken cider block again and just, you know scrape the rough edges to get down to a… more turtle-like shape um so you got the… rock here and um we’ll just scrape scrape around that outline people… Always- they watch this video afterwards, and they say hey- hey Alec, you’re s- its so funny um how d- how do you get all that material for your videos um and you know, I s- tell ’em, you know I find it alright, um… now that it looks um a little bit more like a turtle we’re gonna start carving um, to get some of the theee… details in there um, so I’m gonna use the the chisel aaaannnd… just um you know work at that try and get closer to the- the outline that we drew earlier um so let’s begin I’ve got this, um… friend and she’s a an animal proctologist um an- I- I’ve- I’ve asked her, you know it seems like a interesting- interesting job is… there a market for that? people people bring you in their animals to look at their butts and um she said yeah- you- you’d be surprised I see a lot of turdhole/turtle my friend invited me on a trip- a vacation to… he was gonna- he’s gonna go to Disneyland uhh…he said he was gonna, you know take a tour bus or something and, you know see the sights um but I, uh… I had better things to do Um, I had actually heard of this other amusement theme park uhh… it was more of a- a “world” than, like a “land”, like Disneyland is um and it focuses on the science and history of knees knees um specifically um the knees of shelled aquatic reptiles um, so obviously I had to decline my friend’s invitation um and I- I just told him, you know I’d rather go to Tour Disney World/Tortoise Knee World Alright, the next… this- the next step is to um use some finer tools to get the better details out ‘cuz still a it’s a rough turtle um, but we can get a little better um, so as you can see I’ve got some finer tools. Down there. um and that’s what I’ll I’ll use to um carve the rest of… the… turtle Alright, um the next step is to um sand the turtle ‘cuz it’s still a little rough, and not quite shiny yet um, so I’m gonna use sand- th- this is sandpaper um it needs to be wet um, so I’m gonna use the kitchen sink um to sand this so here- here I go ok I’m back I just, uh took a few minutes to sand the turtle so now it’s shinier um and that’s how you sand the turtle Alright, um the next step is to apply the clear coat It’s just a spray to make the turtle shiny. um It might be cheating ‘cuz I’m not letting, you know, the rock have its natural appearance but I think it looks better and if the International Turtle Club wants to come and reprimand me for that um I say: I dare you um, so just need to go ahead, aannd… start spraying alright there you go so As you can see, the turtle looks a lot better It went from… um the, before… to theee… um after you can see a big difference um and there you go it’s nice and nice and shiny uhh- um so I’m pretty happy with how it turned out it’s pretty pretty turtle I think, uh… I decided I’m gonna give to my Dad for his birthday ‘cuz he has he has a lot of turtles like this not live ones um so his birthday’s coming up so I’d like to give him, uh a little bit of a happy birthday wish um so I hope you like hope you like it and everybody, thanks for thanks for watching my video on how to make the turtle tune in um next week thanks bye oh bye

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