Alex Ogle: Looking for the Details

(bells chiming) (gloomy music) – So I was born at 24
weeks, and part of that was I’ve got what’s called
Retinopathy of Prematurity. I don’t really know what that means, except that my vision can’t be completely corrected
with contacts or glasses. I took photojournalism
last semester and loved it. I didn’t think I would like it. I don’t have peripheral vision, so it’s like when I’m
looking at the camera it’s very unfocused on
whatever I’m looking through. And a lot of times I
can’t see distances well. I went to a photojournalism
seminar in Atlanta last semester and one of the professionals
that was there, he also had vision issues but he was talking about
how it can actually be an advantage because
you see differently than everybody else does. (upbeat music) I feel like I like telling
the story from details especially because if I’m looking at it, I want to be able to zoom
in and make sure it’s sharp, but I also think that the details just tell the story in a really unique way that I don’t think you would get if you had been a lot further away. I’ve been able to be really
close with my professors, and I don’t think I would
have found photojournalism if I hadn’t gone here. It’s not something that would
have occurred to me to take, especially this semester
just being so encouraged by Billy and by Dr. Gailey and Angelique and just all of my teachers. And feeling like, oh I can
actually maybe do this, has been really great. I would love to get a
photojournalism job where I can go and just go to travel
in really cool places, and possibly live in New York, because that is like a dream of mine to go live there after this. (upbeat music)

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