All in for Oxy: The Athletics Experience at Occidental College

Athletics has been an important
part of my education. I know what it takes. I know how much hard work
it takes if you want to see good results. It’s definitely a privilege to
play a sport at Oxy. Oxy Athletics, since I’ve been
here has taken a big step. Momentum is on our side when it
comes to Occidental Athletics. We’re coming off a very
successful athletic year last year having won a
SCIAC championship in baseball. Track and field is on the
national map of success. Soccer was in and out of the
top 25 in the nation. My freshman year we won
17 games. This past year as a junior
we won 32. Our last SCIAC competition,
I ended up breaking two school records for the mile
and for the thousand. The last scene of our
conference, we leave the SCIAC as
conference champs. I don’t think I’ve ever played a
better game. Since I’ve been here the
three years, we’ve had three consecutive
winning seasons, but this year we want to go out
on a high note. We’re on the rise right now, and I only see us getting better
and better each year. The excitement on campus right
now is indicative of each program really being
hungry and wanting to build on recent success. Athletic excellence and academic
excellence go hand in hand. They reinforce each other. This doesn’t just happen because
we want it to happen. It happens with the support of
our excellent coaching staff, our first rate athletic director and the generosity of
our donors. Athletics is not an after
thought here at Occidental. It’s within the fabric of
the institution. Our plan to build
Townsend Crosthwaite Pool, add on to the
McKinnon Family Tennis Center and to renovate Taylor Pool
shows our commitment. I’m definitely looking forward
to coming back and seeing the new aquatic center. It would mean that we could have
more competitions at home. And having the competitions at
home brings out the school so they can cheer for us. To have students, parents,
alumni, everyone out there supporting us is huge. When I visited Oxy, I saw how
intent every player, every sports team was in
supporting each other. Success at Oxy is definitely
contagious. I have a three-year-old daughter
and it is such a privilege to bring her along and watch
these driven student athletes. And when she sees a Tiger
t-shirt, she roars. When you put on that Tiger logo,
it unites us all. It really does. We’ve started a mantra over the
past couple of years, “All in for Oxy.” Being all in for Oxy means
giving all you can. You’re giving all you can at
practices and games, meets, events. It’s the last bit of that
workout. It’s crossing the finish line
running the 400. It’s that painful feeling that
tells me I’ve put in everything to running this race. I’ve put in everything for this
team right now. I’m all in for Oxy because I’m
all in for my family, for my community. We’re in this together,
and we’re all in. We’re all in all the time. I’m all in for Oxy no matter
where I go. I wear my shirt with pride.

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