All Stormtrooper Types and Variants – Complete Set

This video is a combination of all the parts
from the “All Stormtrooper Types and Variants” series for easier viewing. Because we combined
4 parts into one video, the list numbering will reset every now and then. First are the standard stormtroopers. They
were the most common soldiers of the galactic empire, and served as ever present reminders
of the absolute power of emperor palpatine. They wore all white armor that was designed
to instill fear into the enemy. It protected them from the environment and gave them limited
protection from blasters. The standard issue weapon for them was the E-11 blaster rifle.
They each also possessed a thermal detonator attached to their lower back. Standard stormtroopers
were usually used to attack the enemy straight on with speed and with overwhelming numbers. Second are the desert stormtroopers, also
known as sandtroopers. They were equipped with modified armor and equipment to withstand
the harsh climates of desert planets like Tatooine. They had additional training in
specialized areas and advanced cooling systems in both their helmets and suits that offered
them protection from extreme heats. Their armor was slightly different from regular
stormtrooper’s, having a distinctive diamond-shaped left knee plate, non-ribbed chest and back
plate connectors as well as reinforced abdominal plating. They also wore a SD-48 survival backpack.. Third are the cold assault stormtroopers,
also known as snowtroopers. They were trained to operate in arctic climates and wore armor
that was specialized to the climate extremes of frozen worlds such as Hoth. To ease breathing
in extremely cold atmospheres, a breather hood enveloped the snowtrooper’s faceplate
and fed into the suit liner. Each trooper was equipped with terrain-grip boots, a standard
utility belt containing high-tension wire, grappling hooks, ion flares, additional blaster
ammunition, a survival kit, and ration packs. The troopers’ backpacks carried the main heating
unit, main power cell, communications unit, and a homing beacon. Fourth are the Incinerator stormtroopers,
also known as flametroopers or incinerator troopers. They wore stormtrooper armor with
red markings that was exceptionally heat-resistant, able to withstand high temperatures. They
were equipped with flamethrowers. Imperial flametroopers were sent on missions where
an example needed to be made. They would march into settlements and burn them to the ground,
leaving nothing standing and would often burn bystanders alive as well. Fifth are the Zero-G assault stormtroopers,
also know as spacetroopers. They wore a two-meter tall set of Zero-G armor that interfaced with
standard stormtrooper armor. The suit provided a hermetic seal against the vacuum of space
and propulsion that allowed spacetroopers to move and fight in space for extended periods.
They were trained to capture enemy vessels intact. The suit allowed them to carry heavy
firepower, turning each trooper into the equivalent of a light tank. There was another style of
this armor that was lighter, and was used during the building of the first death star.
It was basically standard stormtrooper armor vacuum sealed, with a rebreather unit and
a back-mounted jetpack. Sixth are the Aquatic assault stormtroopers,
also known as seatroopers or aquatic troopers. They were used by the Galactic Empire to maintain
a presence on the many aquatic worlds under its rule. The armor of the seatrooper was
based on the lightweight scout trooper design. It was worn over a two-piece environmental
body glove that provides protection from toxic-water environments. The seatrooper’s armor was pressure-sealed
to a maximum of ten atmospheres and included a rebreather that allowed them to stay underwater
for more than an hour. Seatroopers usually used the SG-4 blaster rifle which was capable
of firing miniature harpoons underwater. Seventh are the Imperial jumptroopers, also
known as skytroopers or air assault troopers. They were assigned to the battlefields with
the most treacherous terrain. They wore standard Stormtrooper armor, though their shoulders
were black and had patches of red paint on them. Their armor design was similar to the
armor worn by Commander Cody. They were equipped with an AJP-400 Hush-About personal jet pack
that allowed them to burst through the air in short spurts of about 20 seconds and allowed
them to hover over a location for an extended period of time. They also were also sometimes
seen wearing standard stormtrooper armor with a jetpack. Eighth are the Scout troopers, also known
as biker scouts. They were usually used as reconnaissance troops, spies and survivalists.
They were especially excellent marksmen, and thus they were regarded as the finest snipers
in service to the Galactic Empire. Their light armor allowed them to be more mobile than
regular stormtroopers, but offered less protection. They usually used blaster pistols or sniper
rifles, depending on their assignment. Last for Part 1 are the Imperial shock troopers.
They served as elite frontline forces of the Empire, and also as bodyguards for Emperor
Palpatine himself. They wore extra heavy plate armor, which provided them great protection
from blaster fire. Their armor styles would vary, with the red markings being the most
distinctive style of the shock troopers. They would usually carry heavy blasters and rocket
launchers. In some cases, Imperial shock troopers wore Clone Wars era shock trooper armor. First are the Magma stormtroopers, also known
as magma troopers. They were responsible for crushing revolts and other actions on volcanic
mining planets such as Mustafar And Sullust. Magma trooper armor was specially designed
to withstand extremely high temperatures, including some direct contact with volcanic
magma. Depending on the planet, they sometimes wore red armor as camouflage. They usually
carried heavy blasters and flamethrowers. Second are the Riot stormtroopers, also known
as riot troopers. They were specialized in containing and defusing insurrectionist scenarios
on disobedient worlds. They were trained for close-combat, and thus were armed with electro
staffs, made from lightsaber-resistant cortosis. They were trained along side of the Imperial
Royal Guards, and were just as loyal to the Emperor. Third are the Wetland assault stormtroopers,
also known as swamp troopers. They were trained and equipped to operate in forested wetlands
and other semi-aquatic environments, such as lakes, rivers, and settlements built on
or near waterways. They wore upgraded, green armor that allowed them for easier operations
in humid and poisonous environments. Their armor was tinted green to allow for camouflage
in forested wetlands. They were equipped with FC-1 flechette launchers and also carried
rebreathers that allowed them to breath underwater for a short amount of time. Fourth are the Stormtrooper Grenadiers. They
were specialized in the use of grenades and were equipped with grenade launchers. They
wore a red pauldron and a black bandolier across their chest. Another version of Stormtrooper
grenadiers wore regular stormtrooper armor with a backpack that contained grenades, ammunition,
and bacta products. Instead of a grenade launcher, they were equipped with a SE-14 blaster pistol. Fifth are the Radiation zone assault troopers,
also known as radiation troopers. They were well equipped to operate in heavy radiation
zones. They wore silver and black battle armor, that protected them from radiation, as well
as biological and chemical exposure. They were usually equipped with a blaster carbine. Sixth are the stormsurgeons. They were tasked
with performing dangerous medical operations in the field, and in combat. They wore a red
pauldron. Seventh are the Bomb squad stormtroopers,
also known as bombtroopers. They were trained in the activation and deactivation of explosive
charges. Bombtroopers wore specially modified heavy fire-resistant armor for flame precautions.
The armor was strong enough to withstand controlled explosions and high-velocity shrapnel. They
wore a long hood that covered their faceplate, and they all wore safety helmets. Eighth are the EVO troopers, also known as
environmental troopers. They were equipped with heavy enhanced armor with breathing tubes,
which allowed them to survive and operate in the most hazardous of conditions such as
extreme heat, acid rivers, and lightning. They were equipped with FA-3 flechette launchers. Last for Part 2 are the dewback troopers,
also known as dewback riders. They were specialized in riding on the backs of dewbacks, and were
used in destroying lightly defended buildings and defenses, as well as attacking hostile
combat vehicles. They were equipped with a flamethrower. First are the shadow stormtroopers, also known
as shadow troopers or Blackhole stormtroopers. They wore all black stormtrooper armor that
gave them great protection against blasters, and they carried cloaking devices that rendered
them invisible for a short period of time. Shadow stormtroopers were specially trained
in infiltration and ambush tactics, and were often assigned to extremely classified missions Second are the shadowtroopers, not to be confused
with the shadow stormtroopers seen previously. These shadowtroopers were stormtrooper-Dark
Jedi hybrid soldiers. They were armed with lightsabers powered by synthetic Sith crystals.
They wore armor made out of cortosis, a mineral that resisted lightsabers. Their armor also
had limited stealth capabilities. Shadowtroopers possessed some force abilities, like force
grip and force lighting. Third are the Phase zero dark troopers. These
soldiers were aged-veteran clones from the Clone Wars, who had their limbs and organs
removed and replaced with cybernetics. Many troopers could not cope with the state of
being more machine than man and attempted suicide. Dark troopers wore a jump pack and
typically carried a blaster cannon or ARC caster. Fourth are the Phase one dark troopers, which
were imperial droids. This droid was little more than a skeletal frame equipped with a
vibrosword attached to its right arm and a blast shield on its left. They possessed basic
artificial intelligence. Though rarely used in combat, they were mainly used as guards
for imperial installations. Fifth are the Phase two dark troopers, which
were an upgraded version of the phase one dark troopers. These droids were equipped
with a jump pack and an assault cannon. They were heavily armored and were also capable
of being loaded into hyperspace pods for transportation. They could also be used as an exoskeleton
for regular soldiers as well. Sixth are the Phase three dark troopers, which
were the last and most powerful dark trooper droids. These dark troopers were intended
to later be made into exoskeletons and become the new armor for the next generation of stormtroopers.
These exoskeletons were supposed to give its wearer increased firepower, strength, and
durability. They were armed with a large handheld assault cannon and two shoulder-mounted seeker
missile launcher racks that were hidden under the suit’s shoulder plates when not in use.
They wore extremely powerful armor that was nearly indestructible, even against lightsabers. Seventh are going to be dark trooper class
variants that are very similar and really only differ by name and how they look. These
will include the Glory-class dark troopers, Triumphant-class dark troopers, Exogen-class
dark troopers, Victory-class dark troopers, Oppressor-7 class dark troopers, Oppressor-9
class dark troopers, Black Hole dark troopers, Urban Assault Dark Troopers, and Inquisitorium
dark troopers. They were primarily used as city guards, and relied on a wide variety
of weapons, like the E-11 blaster rifles, EE-3 carbine rifles, and DXR6 heavy carbines.
They were typically droids, with a few of them being cyborgs. They were heavily armored.
The Glory-class dark troopers were one of the most feared troopers by the rebels, and
the Inquisitorium dark troopers primary worked with the Inquisitorius branch. Eighth are the Darktroopers, not to be confused
with the phase zero through three dark troopers, or the class variant dark troopers seen previously.
These darktroopers were specially trained stormtroopers empowered with the Dark side
of the Force. They wore black armor. Not much else is known about them. Ninth are the Knighthunters. They were personally
trained by Sith Lords, and learned to defend themselves against Jedi force powers. They
were able to block lightsaber attacks, negate the effects of Force powers, and counter the
extreme athleticism of Jedi. Knighthunters were usually sent to kill or capture Jedi. Tenth are the Novatroopers. Novatroopers were
stormtrooper honor guards. They wore distinctive black and gold reinforced stormtrooper armor.
They were assigned to either historically significant locations such as the Sith burial
grounds, or to guard captured enemy starships. They were also used as commandos in special
missions, such as infiltrating enemy bases. Eleventh are the Dark Novatroopers. They were
droids and were programmed with expertise in boarding operations against enemy ships
and as such were commonly used to board Rebel Alliance corvettes. They were heavily armored
and were armed with heavily modified DC-15A blaster rifles. Twelfth are the Purge Troopers. They wore
a heavy suit of armor similar to that of the Phase II dark troopers. They were used to
enforce the Empire’s rule in the Anoat sector on behalf of Governor Adelhard. Another version
of the Purge Troopers was an early design of the Imperial Dark Trooper Project. They
were meant to be used against Force-sensitives. Their primary weapon was an energy blade extending
from their left forearm, along with a shield to block attacks. They also possessed a missile
launcher on their right shoulder. They wore armor made out of Duranium and Cortosis, which
gave them great protection against lightsabers. Thirteen are the Terror Troopers. The Terror
Troopers were created as cyborg experiments. Their masks were designed to invoke the appearance
of General Grievous from the Clone Wars. They possessed a stun blaster and a cloaking ability.
They had extremely fast reflexes, which allowed them to dodge most melee attacks. Terror Troopers
were usually sent into hostile environments in order to quickly dispose of targets without
leaving a trace. Fourteen are the Shadow EVO Troopers. They
wore an experimental armor which mixed elements from both the EVO trooper armor and shadow
trooper armor. This allowed them to operate in the most hazardous environments while also
having the ability to turn invisible. Although they were rarely used, they were usually sent
on operations on worlds which involved menacing the local inhabitants and assassinating resistance
leaders. Last for part 3 are the Hazard stormtroopers,
also known as Hazard troopers. They wore a very heavy suit of body armor that offered
complete immunity to temperature extremes, immunity to acidic damage, as well as invulnerability
to small-arms fire. The armor was also a functioning space suit which could keep the wearer alive
in a vacuum or underwater environment for up to three days. Their armor had limited
protection to lightsabers as well. Hazard stormtroopers, like phase 0 dark troopers,
were cyborgs. They were usually equipped with either an Imperial heavy repeater or a Stouker
concussion rifle. First is the Imperial Commando Special Unit.
This unit was comprised of clones, and was one of the most elite units in the Imperial
Military. They were mainly used in hunting down surviving Jedi and clone deserters. Their
armor provided far better protection than regular Stormtrooper armor, and included special
features like deflector shields. They usually were equipped with the DC-17m rifle. Second are the storm commandos, also known
as Imperial commandos or shadow scouts. Storm commandos were tasked to instigate uprisings
on enemy systems and to subdue insurrections on Imperial-held worlds. They relied on stealth
over brute force during their operations. Their armor was based on the scout trooper’s
light armor and was usually black. They carried a cloaking device, that allowed them to turn
invisible. They sometimes wore shock trooper armor when protection was valued over mobility.
They usually were equipped with an E-11 blaster, and also used flamethrowers if the situation
required it. Third are the Imperial Navy commandos. They
were lightly armored soldiers that were trained for patrol, guard, and monitor duty. Their
armor was sort of like a combination of regular stormtrooper armor, snowtrooper armor, and
scout trooper armor. Their primary weapon was the E-11 blaster rifle. Fourth are the Imperial Marines. They were
primary stationed on Imperial naval warships and Star Destroyers. They utilized cutting
lasers and explosive charges to breach enemy vessels, and were generally the first to board
on captured starships. Their primary weapons included an E-11 blaster rifle and a MiniMag
PTL missile launcher. Fifth are the heavy stormtroopers, also known
as heavy weapons stormtroopers. They wore slightly better armor than regular armor and
were armed with a rapid-fire blaster. The weight of their armor and blaster limited
their mobility. Sixth are the Imperial heavy troopers, not
to be confused with the heavy stormtroopers previously. These soldiers were large warriors
that were trained for melee combat. They were highly trained, and were capable of killing
even a force user in close combat. Their armor provided limited protection from lightsabers,
and their weapon of choice were electro staffs. Seventh are the Field stormtroopers, also
known as field troopers. They were higher ranking stormtroopers with superior field
experience and weaponry. They were recognizable by their multi-colored pauldrons, which related
to what their expertise were. Orange pauldrons were equipped with E-11 blaster rifles, Yellow
pauldrons were equipped with rail detonators, and Red pauldrons were equipped with Imperial
Repeater Rifles. Eighth are the Stormtrooper Commanders. They
were regarded as the Empire’s best soldiers, and had command over most other soldiers,
even Shadow Troopers. They wore upgraded armor that had blue markings. They were equipped
with blaster cannons. Ninth are the Armored Stormtroopers. They
are distinguishable by their heavy armor, orange shoulder pads, and a red monocle-like
device on their right eye. They were also known to utilize heavy weapons. Tenth are the Clone Stormtroopers. They were
Jango Fett Clones from the Clone Wars who became the very first Stormtroopers. Although
they possessed the same armor and weapons as regular Human stormtroopers, they typically
performed better than them due to their superior training and vast experience from the Clone
Wars. They would slowly be replaced by regular Human stormtroopers and would end up being
a small minority in the Imperial military in the later years of the Galactic Empire. Eleventh are the Imperial Coruscant Guards.
They had similar duties to the previous Republic Coruscant Guards, which included protecting
government buildings and policing the Senate District. They wore distinctive crimson red
heavy armor that protected them from a majority of weapons they were expected to encounter.
Their helmets also allowed them to see in complete darkness. Twelfth are the Stormsnipers, also known as
Stormtrooper snipers. They specialized in the use of long range weapons, especially
snipers. They wore a blue pauldron and sometimes had a black bandolier strapped across their
chest plate. Thirteen are the Sniper troopers, not to be
confused with the Stormsnipers seen previously. Sniper troopers were trained to effectively
use the E-11s sniper rifle and wore gray scout trooper armor. Fourteenth are the Crowd Control Stormtroopers.
They specialized in suppressing crowds and crushing uprisings. Their crowd control equipment
allowed them to easily fend off large crowds. They were also equipped with a thruster pack,
which mounted a heavy blaster module, a capture claw, and a supercharged taser. Fifteenth are the Death Troopers. These troopers
were undead stormtroopers accidentally created by an Imperial biological weapon codenamed
Blackwing. They possessed only primitive feral instincts but were able to communicate and
learn from each other through what seemed like unintelligible screeching. Despite being
zombies, they still were able to use weapons and perform tasks they possessed before they
turned into zombies. Last for Part 4 are the Guardsmen Stormtroopers,
also known as the Emperor’s Royal Guard wearing stormtrooper armor. They were used
for field operations that required special combat armor. This armor was vastly better
than regular stormtrooper armor. Because they were a part of the Royal Guard, these soldiers
had excellent training in combat. Thanks for watching the last part of this
series. We will be doing a similar series for clone troopers and other star wars factions,
as well as go over other Imperial branches like the Imperial Navy branch. I hope you
guys enjoyed this series, and let us know in the comments what other factions you want
us to do a similar series on!

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