All The Varieties of Freshwater Cichlid is Shown in This Video fish room tour

the male blue-eyed cichlid displays a
greeny yellow ventral region and is longer in the body and has larger fins
than the females they appreciate a well planted tank and like all cichlids they
can become territorial whilst breeding on the whole they are perfectly suited
for the community aquarium you the convict cichlid is a magnificently
marked fish that sometimes called the zebra or black convict cichlid the
female has yellowy orange scales on her lower body and dorsal fins the male is
larger and not so colorful as the male ages it will acquire a fatty lump on its
forehead the convict requires a tank with floating plants gravel bottom rocks
and plenty of places to hide because of their aggressive nature they should only
be kept with other more aggressive fish of the same size or larger they are a
cave breeder and both the male and female will care for the young the fire mouth cichlid is a stunningly
coloured cichlid that is territorial especially during spawning they require
a tank with a fine sand bottom for burrowing an ample space to swim the
aquarium should be planted with hardy plants with plenty of hiding places
provided in the form of rocks and roots when attempting to intimidate members of
the same species they will inflate a throat sac and
extend their gill covers in an aggressive stance the females are less
brightly colored than the males the males also have a sharply pointed dorsal
and anal fins fire mouth cichlids make excellent parents and both share in
rearing the fry the Ken Yi is an aggressive medium-sized
cichlid that originates from the rocky shores of Lake Malawi in Africa the
female is blue with black bars and the male turns to a yellow color as it
matures being territorial they like a tank with plenty of rocks and caves to
provide them with lots of hiding places the keyhole cichlid derives its name
from a dark mark on its flanks just below the dorsal fin which resembles a
keyhole a dark stripe runs down through the eye and it has a general coloration
of pale Brown which might change to a mottled Brown when disturbed or upset
this cichlid is unlike most in the fact that it is shy and peaceful spawning
takes place on a flat rock and the young tend to remain with the parents for
eight weeks or so the adult males have pointed dorsal and anal fins the RAM or butterfly cichlid is a very
social fish that will form strong bonding pairs and remained faithful to
their mate they have an orange face a red yellow belly and neon blue towards
the rear of the body they are a peaceful fish that likes a well planted aquarium
with areas of open space to swim Caves in which to hide and stones to spawn on
both the male and female share the rearing of the fry and it has been
reported that they will take them into their mouths
to protect them like a mouth brooder the redheaded cichlid will grow to be
one of the largest cichlids rich in a length of 16 inches for a male if
supplied with a healthy diet and regular water changes if several males are kept
together the dominant one may develop a hump on its head it spends most of its
time sifting through the vegetation and roaming the tank and in nature the fish
lives in slow-moving rivers and streams the sheepshead acara is a peaceful fish
that has a rounded small blunt head the colors of the body range from a
yellow-green brown dorsal surface to a silver gray area
below their natural habitat is from tributary streams of the Amazon basin
and they can also be called the flag cichlid or blunt head cichlid the Texas cichlid is also known as the
Rio Grande perch they require a well planted tank with floating plants and a
fine sand bottom the plant should be Hardy as they will dig around and attack
them if possible the tank should be separated into territories using the
hardy plants they are sensitive to old water so it’s advisable to do frequent
changes being territorial it’s best to choose other more aggressive fish to
share the aquarium the females are less brightly colored and usually smaller
than the males older males will develop a cranial bump Texas cichlids are open
breeders and require well oxygenated water they spawn on clean rock laying up
to five hundred eggs they are not as conscientious a parent to some other
cichlids and might eat their spawn

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