(tension building music) – I’m Coyote Peterson,
you guys asked for it, and today I’m getting chomped by the American alligator. Ready? One, two. Oh boy. Three. (yelling in pain) (dramatic tribal music) All right, you ready? One, two. Oh boy. Three. You know what, guys, I’m crazy, but I’m
not that crazy. What you’re looking at there is a 200 pound
American alligator, with one of the most powerful
bite forces on the planet. An animal this size could
probably rip off my arm. And just to prove that
he’s real, watch this. (breathes out) Wow. And getting that
close to those teeth really gets your heart racing. Now I’ve gotten up
close with a number of different dangerous animals, and gotten into the
strike zone to show you what to do and not do if
you ever find yourself in that position. Now, I’m not willing
to be bitten an
alligator of this size, but I am willing to hold
up my end of the bargain and get chomped by something
a little more reasonable. All right guys, let’s
bring in Junior. Over the course of my adventures I have had several
alligator encounters, all of which ended without
me ever being bitten. See you later, buddy. Wow! So that’ll be the bite
perspective right there. Alligator will
come from this side and chomp down right on
the meat of my forearm. The measured bite
force of a full grown American alligator is around
3,000 pounds per square inch, making it one of the
most powerful chomps in the animal kingdom. I am trying to
mentally put myself in a place where I’m
not gonna feel the pain. I have a pretty
high pain tolerance, but even still, having all
those tiny little teeth pop through my
forearm in both sides, this is not gonna feel good. (breathes out) – [Voiceover] This
is the real deal. – This is the real deal. No matter what, never replicate what you are about to
witness in this video. And who you’re looking at there, that is Junior. He’s about three and
a half feet in length. He weighs about 20 pounds. And an alligator of this size
is only about two years old, so the purpose of me
getting chomped today by Junior, other than
the fact that you guys wanted to see me get
chomped by an alligator, is to prove to you that
having an alligator as a pet is just not a good idea. All right, Junior,
go easy on me buddy. (sighs) I don’t know how I
get myself into these things. Here we go. (breathes out) All right, this is
not gonna be pretty. You guys ready for this? I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m
about to enter the strike zone with the American alligator. You ready? Ready, everyone ready? – [Voiceover] Rolling. – Rolling. GoPro, rolling. Here we go. One, two. (screams in pain) Oh yeah, he is into my arm, he is holding on. (moaning in pain) Yep, all right, that feels like big needles
going into my forearm, and I can see there that those teeth are
deep down into my skin. Oh yeah, he’s really holding on. Man, now an alligator
of this size, only about three
and a half feet, capable of giving
you one really, really nasty bite. Argh! All right, I think
to get him to let go I’m gonna try to just pry
his jaw down a little bit. All right, I’m gonna pull
my arm out, you ready? Ow, no, he’s not letting go. He is locked onto my arm, guys. You know what, let’s
get a bottle of water. Argh, there are some
teeth underneath that have just popped through the underside of my arm. All right, I’m gonna dump a
little bit of water on him. You ready? Here we go. All right buddy, let go, let go. Oh, I don’t want him
to like slide back. (pants in pains) It’s the underside
that hurts the worst. (screams in pain) He’s biting down harder,
and harder, and harder. Oh man, this was not a good
idea, ladies and gentlemen. Truly chomped by the
American alligator. I can’t get him off. He’s locked on there. – [Man with Beard] Want
just a suggestion from me? – [Coyote] Yes, suggestion. – I’d take this
stick, put in here so he couldn’t bite
down any harder. – Yeah, that’s a good idea. All right, what
we’re gonna do now is put a stick in his
jaws from this side. Getting the alligator
on is one thing, getting him off is another. He’s got the
underside of my wrist locked in his jaws. (yells out in pain) Ohhh, yep. Wow. Thank you, Junior. Oh man. (laughs) Wooo, doggy. Look at that. Oh man, he got really close
to a vein right there. You can see there’s a big hole went into my arm at that spot. That hurts the worst. And I think one of the
most uncomfortable feelings is when you can feel a tooth pop through your skin. In total, my arm was locked
in the jaws of this alligator for seven minutes. And I was working with
a team of experts. Remember, Junior is
only two years old. Now imagine having
him as your pet. You go to feed him,
you clean his cage, or mishandle this reptile
for just a second, and wham (yells in pain), this could be you. (slow motion moaning in pain) Well hopefully this proved
as an excellent lesson as to why you never wanna
get an alligator as a pet. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you
on the next adventure. Thousands of baby alligators find their way into the
pet trade every year. They may start off
small and adorable, but they won’t stay
that way for long. Accidents happen with
captive alligators, and they happen often. Guys, I am seriously
chomped here. (screams in pain) I was lucky to walk away with
just a few puncture wounds, but you, well let’s just say, you might not be this lucky. If you thought being chomped
by an alligator was crazy, go behind the adventure
to have a closer look at the aftermath. And learn how we
dressed my bites right there on location. And don’t forget, subscribe
to join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail.

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