Ambassadors Attend Double Manatee Return | SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld’s animal rescue team was able to release two manatees that we’ve been rehabbing since September of last year. These manatees were brought in because unfortunately they had pneumothorax from boat strikes. Today’s return was a little different – we had a crowd of our own ambassadors who work throughout all the SeaWorld park here in Orlando. They came out to support these two manatees, and see what the animal care rescue team does. I’m Cassie, I’m part of the education team here at SeaWorld. It was really cool for me as an educator ’cause i get to teach about them everyday. I was here when they came in in September and to see the whole process go full circle is really exciting. We have spent a lot of time rehabilitating these animals and to share their return with ambassadors who work so hard to the park to help us care for them is just a great day.

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