American Red Cross Aquatic Examiner Service

Welcome to the American Red Cross
Aquatic Examiner Service. The American Red Cross has been the leader in water safety education since 1914. As your partner in safety, the American Red Cross
can help ensure that your team achieves lifeguarding and operational benchmarks.
The Aquatic Examiner Service is designed to develop goals to improve operations,
training, and performance, increase lifeguard accountability, attention to
safety, professionalism, and pride, reinforce and strengthen the lifeguard’s
emergency response skills, and maintain high lifeguarding operational standards,
including zone evaluation to ensure effective patrons surveillance, and
response times. The program starts with a Red Cross expert conducting an in-depth
facility tour to understand your safety and lifeguarding operations. You’ll then
receive a comprehensive, objective evaluation based on American Red Cross
lifeguarding program benchmarks – 100 years of science driven, evidence-based
course content and educational design. As a follow up, unannounced an undercover
site visits will evaluate on-the-job life guard performance, including
surveillance and professionalism. After conducting undercover surveillance, your
examiner will conduct team rescue skill scenarios to test your team’s performance. and provide immediate remediation and
feedback. The Aquatic Examiner Service can help instill confidence and pride
in your safety team, while helping to improve their emergency response. The
program is something we look forward to every year. Our training team loves to showcase our guards and their training that they have
received. The feedback really helps us know what we’re doing well, what maybe we
should focus a little bit more on and it also helps us see what our daily
operation is like. We can’t be everywhere at once when we’re operating daily, but
sitting down at the end of the day and getting to watch the videos and see that
the guards are taking their training and putting it to use every day is really
great to see. Are you ready to bring your facility operations to the next level?
Partner with the American Red Cross today.

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