AMF Aquatic Mosquito Killer – For Still Water

hi this is Terry from aquatic
technologies we’re here to talk to you about aquatain amf AMF stands for anti
mosquito film how does aqatain AMF work because
mosquito larvae and pupae come and attach to the water’s surface to breathe
the silicon film prevents them from being able to attach and thus suffocates
and drowns them also for mosquitoes female mosquitoes that lay eggs they
will sense that there’s an issue with the surface tension of the water and
they will avoid that area for depositing their eggs how to apply aquatain AMF
can be applied to any surface water body by pouring the product straight into the
water body the liquid then spreads across the water by itself and no
additional equipment is required Aquatain AMF is a silicon based liquid
that has a great impact on mosquito breeding as it disrupts the mosquito
life cycle when a small amount is applied to the surface of standing water
it will spread across the surface and form a very thin film this film tends to
last for up to four weeks on the surface AMF is it safe as it contains no toxic
chemicals it’s pure silicon and has no impact on humans or the environment any
safe independent testing has been carried out in at least 15 countries
around the world and all have confirmed the effectiveness of the product you can
use it in standing water you can use it in a larger water body
Aquatain is able to be used in any water standing freestanding water body
Aqatain AMF is perfect for small areas of water such as bird baths septic tanks
water barrels inside old tires etc and any area where there’s standing water
including ponds and larger water bodies such as dams

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