Ammonite’s Video Response Technology

Obviously the key area where online training
falls short, and is often criticised is the lack of one-on-one interaction with the trainer.
Well Ammonite’s latest innovation – Video Response Technology – steps up to the plate giving online training the heart it’s been missing. Let’s take a look. This technology allows course designers to
include questions that require students to use their webcam to respond. The students
can record their response in their own time, review it, re-record if necessary and submit
it once they are happy. The trainer is then immediately notified.
They can then view the submitted video, check it off against the expected benchmarks and
record their feedback for the student to view at their leisure.
Available to be used with any course, Ammonite’s Video Response Technology maintains the convenience of online training without losing the personal touch of one on one mentoring.
Ammonite’s Video Response Technology. Confidence in online training.

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