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THEON PARSEGHIAN: Sure enough 500 people show up for this thing and I am there with a boat that may or may not float. So it’s a little
nerve-wracking. COMM: 29-year-old mechanic, Theon, recently bought a houseboat. COMM: He combined it with a tractor to build this unusual creation, an amphibious houseboat. THEON PARSEGHIAN: So, the reason I built this thing was, obviously, I built some amphibious vehicles in the past, like the Volvo here.
I basically just bought this houseboat because it was cool and I wanted to do something with it. I was just brainstorming with a friend and we came up with the idea to put wheels on it, to make it amphibious. THEON PARSEGHIAN: So the vehicle is made basically with a 1967 houseboat, which was, you know, steel construction. And then there’s a sprayer, which is almost, like, all the parts I used to donor basically for this, for this other
build. Took them both apart, welded them together, spread some things out, whatever. That’s
pretty much where we ended up. COMM: After finishing the build, which took 6 months and $10,000, he decided to test it out on the water. MAN: This is the only one in the world. THEON PARSEGHIAN: Basically put an announcement on our Facebook and some other social-media. You know, 500 people show up for this thing and I am there with a boat that may or may not float. So, that’s a little nerve-wracking. THEON PARSEGHIAN: There is probably more ambition than engineering in this. But I am pretty sure everything is going to go pretty good. Let’s do it! THEON PARSEGHIAN: Everything went really good.
It was a perfect day. Absolutely perfect launch. THEON PARSEGHIAN: Top-speed wise we are, you know, we are running an old tractor. It’s, it’s, it’s only got 210 horsepower diesel
engine, which is probably twice that much of a torque. So it goes down the road, probably, 20 miles an hour comfortably. You could go faster. But I don’t know, obviously, you
should go with it. On the water, it’s, it’s about 5-8 miles per hour I think. But stability-wise,
it’s really, really good. THEON PARSEGHIAN: It’s amazing how many people are, like totally enthusiastic about this project because I built the whole thing in the driveway and it’s right next to a busy road. So, a lot, a lot of people drive
by it everyday and, you know, they have really built up an interest in seeing what… what
becomes of the project. THEON PARSEGHIAN: So, I am definitely planning at least one more amphibious vehicle. I’ve already got most of the parts to build it.
So, I will be doing that in the future.

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