An Eel To Never Feel | The Aquatic World With Philippe Cousteau, S2 EP 7

– Where is it? – I put it over there. – By the couch? – Yeah. – Oh. An electric eel, magnificent. Our submarine is docked
here, in the Amazon River. – We could have gone to the Orinoco River but our dear Desiree wouldn’t fit. This is the only other place in the world to find electric eels. – Exactement mon chéri. Electric eels are quite
the peculiar species. They’re like aquatic batteries. The majority of their
body is made up of organs that produce electricity. Listen, you can hear it. (electric static sound) They’re also obligate air breathers, which means they must surface
every ten minutes or so to breathe above water. Scientists at Vanderbilt
University, you know, hold on. Let’s get Kenneth on the line. Bonjour Kenneth, so I hear
your team has some interesting findings, eh? – Yeah, we discovered
something really remarkable so when you threaten or
corner an electric eel it can leap out of the water
and put its chin onto you so that the current is sent
straight through your body and back down to the water
giving maximal shock. – How, shocking. Now how do these eels
generate all that electricity? – Well, they have modified
muscles that in the course of evolution are now just
used to generate electricity. And they line these up in
series to generate high voltages and create a very powerful shock. – Thanks Kenneth, and say hi
to the missus for me, okay. These eels might be
dangerous but once they shock their prey they need time to recharge. So, you probably won’t get shocked. – Are we safe? There’s no cover on the tank. – Yeah, sure.

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