Antarctic Underwater Anecdotes

Hi, I’m Caitlin, I’m geared up and ready to dive into these frigid waters home to some of the most fascinating Oh, how do you do? I’m a sun star my 35 arms help me to catch any type of prey- be it a krill or fish swimming by my many arms can reach up and grab a tasty morsel. But don’t worry I don’t eat humans yet… Odontaster validus, here. I’ve seen a lot of things in my time. Well, you see a lot when you can grow over a hundred years old on this godforsaken sea floor! And over that time I’ve learned… I looove purple! Je suis Charcot’s dragonfish! I live on the bottom of the sea and I survive these frigid seas with antifreeze in my veins. Don’t you wag your far finger at me! Howdy, I’m an anemone and although I’m not your enemy I’m armed with hundreds of microscopic harpoons (Nematocysts) at the end of each of my many many many tentacles! Hi, I’m Horace the Porous Sponge. I have minerals silica spicules that are supporting my ever porous portions. This is my neighbor Fred. Hi, I’m Fred. Yeah, hey, wait! I’m not that boring! I’m a sea spider. Yeah, no relation. Yeah, yeah, eight legs, I know. My heart is tiny, but I still have one. You’ll have to speak louder. I can’t actually hear out of these. These are my rhinophores they detect chemical and pressure changes in the water column I’m a nudibranch my namesake goes along with my frilly naked gills. Being a limpet, I’m a bulldozer of the sea. I scrape algae off rocks with my harder than rocks teeth The strength of my teeth can be compared to a single strand of spaghetti holding up three thousand half kilo bags of sugar. Wooo! This is Cheryl, she’s a clinging hydromedusa. She’s just along for the ride. We are the salps. A solitary salp reproduces asexually by budding a chain of clones. Each of us within this chain of clones are sequential hermaphrodites. That’s female to then male. Reproducing sexually, to eventually brood and release a solitary salp. Yes, it’s confusing but it works for us. Oh hey, Beau! Hey guys, girls, whatever you are. Toodle-oo.

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