Apparently We Can Teleport in Minecraft Now…?

Howdy guys how’s it going? Hopefully pretty good. Today we are back in Minecraft and I have
a banger for you! You are gonna love this one! So, subscribe if you like what you see, I’m
SimplySarc and allow me to teach you how to teleport in Survival Minecraft. So guys to explain this, I’ll pretty much
just walk you through how I happened upon it, how I experimented until I got some pretty
interesting results. So this has everything to do with the brand
new ‘Ravager’. So initially I was just gonna make a tree
farm or something, ’cause these guys can destroy leaf blocks and it might be interesting, but
then I noticed that these guys have another ability that is kinda cooler. So these guys can… These guys can scream at you. Bit weird, but ok, whatever suits you. Yea, these guys scream at you, but you could
easily miss it because it only actually activates under a specific situation and that is if
you’ve got a shield in your hand. So if you go into survival, this guy will
try and attack you and sometimes (not all the times) he’ll actually get stunned and
he’ll scream. So this doesn’t happen all the time. Now the interesting thing about this is if
you’re near enough to him he’ll actually knock you back. And this is the basis of this entire thing. I suppose my initial thought was, hey maybe
you could make some kind of pattern generator. I don’t know, it might have been interesting. So basically all I did was I put a Ravager
in here and I tried using armor stands. I like armor stands ’cause they’re sorta like
non-mobs that pretend to be mobs. They sometimes behave the same, so I gave
it a shot.So I placed some armor stands like this and went into survival and I gave it
a shot and this is what happened. It knocked them. In kind of a perfect circle, which I thought
was kind of interesting. So because this was kind of cool and I was
kinda surprised how far they went, I tried with blue ice. So yea, we tried again with blue ice. And what happens, I wonder what happens? They go just a little bit further. And this is when I started thinking, hey that
is quite a distance to be fair, I wonder what else this can do. So instead of placing these at ground level,
we tried above the Ravager. And when I did this, something a little bit
interesting happened. These guys went further, in fact if you look
at this guy, this guy went all the way over there. At this point I was pretty impressed and was
thinking, well ok, just how far can we take this mechanic? It seemed that the closer and closer I got
to the Ravager, the more extreme this effect became. That was until I tried this; When I placed
an armor stand just directly above the Ravager on a carpet, something a little bit different
happened. It vanished. It just vanished. Just like that. At first, I thought I’d broken it. But this didn’t really make very much sense
because the scream actually does a flat 3 hearts damage and none of the stands had been
broken before now. No. It hadn’t been destroyed; it had moved. Really, really far. So to explain what happened, because I did
eventually find the stand, is the stand had actually received such a high knockback that
it had been instantly accelerated to insanely high speeds. So this guy right here actually moved, a whopping,
400 blocks. Instantaneously. That is pretty crazy. So admittedly I was starting to get pretty
excited because this had really great potential for many, many things. But there was a bit of a problem. See this was actually proving very, very inaccurate. So every time I tried this, the stands always
ended up somewhere a little bit different from than where they previously did. Sometimes wildly different. And this isn’t great because if you want something
to be useful it has to be pretty reliable and accurate. And this wasn’t that. There was some kind of noise in the system
and I was trying to figure out what was causing it. Turns out the problem was; the Ravager itself. Little bit strange.To explain, if you want
consistent results you’ve got to have a consistent situation and the problem was that every time
I baited the Ravager his position was actually a little bit different every time. This affected the trajectory of the armor
stands massively, so they ended up on completely different parts of the map. So to fix this we basically needed to take
away some of the autonomy, we’ve granted him way too much freedom and we need to confine
him into something more consistent. So the solution is to just shove him into
a minecart. Just as simple as that. So basically what we need is an unnatural
accuracy in positioning. Now you can’t really get that from just nudging,
but minecarts are pretty good because as you’ve probably noticed from playing the game, they
actually automatically snap to the grid so it’ll automatically align him perfectly. This is great. And as soon as I did this, it fixed it immediately. It went from being very inconsistent to this
time when I tried it, it pretty much just worked every time. Disappeared. Absolutely perfect. I guess my next question was how much power
do we actually have over this to control direction. Can we make it north, south, east, west as
we choose? And the answer to that is; yes, yes we can
do that. And it’s quite simple. Because minecarts can be rotated in any of
the directions, the entity will actually fly in whatever direction the minecart is facing. It’s quite simple, but the is a bit of a finickiness
to it. So let’s say our setup is something like this. If we give this a shot this should work perfectly
fine. It should work absolutely fine. Absolutely fine. Now the problem arises when you try to change
the direction, but it’s not too hard to fix. So basically if you just try to change the
rail direction the easy way, like so. You’ll see when I try again (and I place an
armor stand up here), you’ll see that this time, unfortunately… it doesn’t work, it
doesn’t move anywhere. So there are 2 ways I found to fix this; the
first is basically just use a corner rail instead of a horizontal rail; I’ll explain
what that means. So let’s say this is your current position
ans you want to change it to a different direction. All you’ve gotta do is take away these rails,
change this rail right here to a corner state and you’ll see he moves a little bit. Get rid of this guy and I suppose this guy
as well. And when we do it this time. I’ll try that again. This time it should work perfectly fine. There we go. Alternatively and perhaps a little bit more
accurately you can basically just manually adjust it. So if your rail is currently positioned like
this, you can essentially just get rid of this like so, move it a little bit because
it needs a bit of movement, put it back into position like that and now it will be reset
and it should work absolutely fine. Or you could just do something like this. You could move the Ravager to suit your needs. Now the question that you’re all asking is;
does this work for players? So, place your bets, what do you thinks gonna
happen if we try this ourselves. Is it gonna work or is it not gonna work? People need to see! Is it gonna work? So the answer is that it’s a bit complicated
and I will admit for a while I was a little put out because I was thinking, oh, this isn’t
gonna work for players. But I have found a solution and I’ve found
a brilliant solution. You know what, 400 blocks is a pretty nice
number. It’s nice, it’s fair and it’s very generous. But do you know something? I didn’t bring you here, I did not make this
video for 400 blocks. We can do better. I promised you teleportation I will give you
teleportation. There is a way to make this travel… a little
bit more than that. So, how does it work? Well if we introduce something like a llama
(or I guess you could use a horse or a pig) but we’re gonna use a llama ’cause they’re
pretty nice to work with. If you introduce a llama something a little
bit different happens. Obviously it’s a buddy baby… Ok, so baby troubles fixed there. Let’s give this a whirl, guys, you are really
gonna like this one, you’re really gonna like this one, I’m excited to show ya. So let’s give it a shot, now before we do
this, just look at the co-ordinates. Look at the Z, we are at basically 300. Let’s see what it becomes. Alright, hop on board. And just take a look at the Z. So we were at 300, where are we gonna end
up. So 300, it’s gonna take us all the way to
-2300, now if you are any good at maths that is 2,600 blocks traveled, almost, instantaneously. That is pretty impressive. Oh you think we’re done, do you? Well no, we actually can squeeze a little
bit more out of it. So knockback is basically just horizontal
movement so if you can stay in the air for a little bit longer, you can go a little bit
further. So if we actually just throw a splash potion
(a potion of slow falling onto this llama), we’ll actually get more distance covered. So let’s just try it again. Let’s give this a whirl. Jump on board. And boom, we’re at 300, so let’s take a look. how far is it gonna take us this time. So 300, we’re going into the minuses this
time. It’s gonna take us all the way to; -2,500. So basically that is 2,800 blocks traveled. So you can squeeze an extra 200 blocks. Though it should be noted if you just build
this in the sky you don’t actually need a splash potion because it will just naturally
give you those numbers regardless. Of course, the great thing about this is if
you don’t wanna go the full 2,800 blocks you can stop at any point along the journey because
it’s just knockback. As soon as an entity bumps into something,
it’ll just immediately come to a halt. And I can show you this. If you see over there, we actually have a
little thing to stop us. Jump on board and you can see we only went
this far this time because we got stopped. In fact if you were really clever you could
even build loads of these terminals and pick before you traveled which one you wanna end
up at, like you could use a lectern or something to control it, that would be really, really
cool. But you know what, I think what I like most
about this us just how affordable it is. It doesn’t really cost anything to run except
from shield durability (and that’s easy to repair) I mean, yes the Ravager is a little
bit tricky to get, but once you’ve got him it’s practically free to use. Compare this to something like a TNT powered
canon, I don’t know if that’s possible, but that would cost a lot of TNT to create the
force. I don’t know. I only have one request from you; please don’t
tell Mojang. Because they’ll wanna take it away from us
and you know this’d be really nice to have, so let’s just keep this between you and me
for now, alright? Well guys that’s pretty much all there is
to it. I hope you found this video useful. Personally, I think this is one of the most
useful things I’ve ever shown on this channel, like legitimately, but that might just be
me, who knows. Hope you enjoyed, if you ever want any channel
updates you can always follow me on Twitter (SimplySarc), but yea that’s pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed, cheers for watching and
I’ll catch you in the next one.

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