Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping, to the Green Aqua Gallery! Today we’re gonna talk about this 450 liter aquarium. The problem with this tank is that it’s a little bit overgrown And… Well… We need some trimming of it. Tobi?! I know you! Guys! This is Tobi. The leader, the owner, the creator of the biggest German language YouTube channel that there is. – Good to be here!
– How are you? I’m very good. Well. Apart from my thumb actually. What happened? It was like… those flesh-eating-fish you know… Oh, you stuck your finger into a Piranha tank? Yeah I wanted to feed them so… It’s pretty bad. You know why? ‘Cause actually I wanted to ask you to help me trim this aquarium which is overgrown. Probably you need someone else. [Balazs] If you happen to be on YouTube you should check the Aqua Owner YouTube channel. [Speaking in German] My channel “Aquaowner” is the largest aquascaping YouTube channel in Germany. I do a lot of videos about how aquascaping actually works. Nowadays I do some aquascaping related travel vlogs. Like this one where I visit some cool shops like Green Aqua. Welcome again. Enjoy. – Can I shake your hand?
– Yeah, you can. – Alright, Piranhas are very…
– Yeah. Guys, don’t mess with fish! Okey? Fish are really dangerous. Okey, you do the work. Right. Take care! Okey, so I’m in trouble. What am I gonna do? Who’s gonna help me? Vicky! We have a woman aquascaper at Green Aqua! We only saw her once. In one video. Come on here. Please help me. I need your help. Vicky’s comming. Hello guys! Would you help me trim this aquarium? Yes sure! Viktor’s gonna be here. Viktor come on in. Viktor’s here and he is gonna help Vicky. To clean up the mess, after her. Right? – Absolutely. We’re gonna do a trimming session. I’m gonna do the comments for you guys. – Sounds good. – So, let’s go! [Balazs] Now as we started trimming the Hemianthus Micranthemoides. Which is supposed to be a foreground plant here. A carpeting plant. The problem is that I wanted to use this as a foreground plant. As a carpeting plant. In this aquarium. This means that you need a lot trimming. In order to keep it short. As short as possible. Viktor is using the ADA curved scissors. The curve-type scissors. Vicky is using the wave-type scissors from ADA. This is Ranunculus inundatus that Vicky is trimming right now. Inundatus is forming small bushes in the foreground. We’d really like to leave small patches of Ranunculus inundatus here and there in this tank. You can see the trimming of Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’ right now, from Viktor. You have to be careful to trim only the top of this plant because if you trim too low it’s gonna happen what you see right now – there. The bottom of the plant is brownish. It’s not going to be so beautiful. Another plant that we have in between the rocks is the Staurogyne repens. Originally when we did this tank with my friend Balázs, An aquascaper friend of mine – we were planning to have the Staurogyne in between the rocks. Just small patches of it. Right now it’s heavily overgrown. A way that you can trim Staurogyne is that you trim the tops of the plants. And leave the bottom there. The best details of a t-shirt. Aquagirls Rock! That’s pretty sure. Any woman can do this. Even better than men. [Vicky] Get out of the way! Viktor is obstructing Vicky all the time. Not really helping. He’s slowing the process. We are trimming Rotala wallichii right now. This is a red stem-plant that we added in small patches here-and-there in the tank. To add some color to the foreground. The problem is that you need to keep this plant very short. This whole tank was sponsored by Dennerle. Thank you Dennerle again for providing us with some of the most beautiful plants. And also the substrate. 9-in-1 substrate from Dennerle. In this tank. [Vicky] Viktor, you’re always in my way. As you can see the front of the aquarium has already been freed up. You can start to see the stem plants in the background. The nice and gradual way of the aquascape is being revealed. Slowly… [Vicky] Yeah, I can see the rocks. What we will need to do later is we will need to plant back the red stems. The top of the red stems that were trimmed righ now. Because the top of the stems are always more beautiful than the bottom. What you can see now is that Viktor is pushing all the remains of the plants towards Vicky. To obstruct her from working properly. That’s it, just push it back! It looks like two people are not enough for size of a tank. So I asked our German guest to help us. Tobi is really good in netting out plants. If you guys are interested in any good German-language tutorials DVD-s and other aquascaping tutorials, you can check out his channel. We are having guests involved in work guys. Do not visit Green Aqua because you will have to start working. So while you are trimming the plants, it is generally a wise idea to just set aside a couple of plants. We are replanting the tops of the Rotala Hra back in the background. What you have to do is you need to get 4-5 stems. Just replant them where you think they will look nice. Vicky is trimming Rotala Hra on the right side. The idea is to have a graduation from the right side of the tank towards the middle. We will cut the right side of the tank shorter. Than the middle. This way you will have a nice and curved line centered in the middle. We stopped both 2080 Eheim filters. That are working underneath this tank. For the length of the trimming. Because the filter outflow will move the parts of the plants that were trimmed. All over your aquarium. So we didn’t really want that. This is how the tank looks like from the side. Vicky is trimming the Rotala Hra and the Hemianthus micranthemoides that have overgrown on the right side of the tank. She’s using the long scissors. Me personally, I really like this hobby. I started this hobby exactly because of the trimming. Because I was so stressed out with my everyday life. I was a television director. Before. It was a very stressful job, and getting home and trimming the plants enabled me to skip one night of beer drinking. So can choose between beer and aquascaping. Or you can do both at the same time. Sorry, always in the way… You can see how a full-time YouTuber’s life… evolves.He’s sending text messages and also making movies about aquariums. And we’re shooting each other. Don’t obstruct me. We are actually having a path. This path was leading to the right side of the aquarium from the front. Towards the right-back of the aquarium. We need to free that path up. We will have to just take out all the plants that were running into the sand. And just tear them out. Acually. You can see that the water started to cloud immediately. You better leave this stage of cleaning as last one. Check that out. Big root-system under the sand. Obviously, after trimming the plants and doing this kind of tearing up uprooting the plants, you will need to have a bigger water change. In order to clean the water. It will be crystal-clear afterwards. We are starting to be happy with the result. Observe that we didn’t trim the stem-plants too much. The bottom part of the stem-plants are not really nice. If they’re visible. Dancing of the fish-nets. See how relaxing the trimming session is? You get these crazy ideas. You’re getting into the sate of complete relaxation. And you start having these weird ideas. It’s like you’re drunk. I told you! Beers and trimming, guys.
Beers and trimming. And aquagirls of course. Okey, so thanks for staying here with us for this trimming session that was done by Vicky our best aquagirl who rocks. And then Viktor, who was just obstructing her all the way. In the trimming… If you like our videos, please hit the like button. Subscribe to the Green Aqua YouTube channel if you didn’t do so, or you can hit the bell button to get notified of our future uploads. Until next week, goodbye!

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