Aquarelle Seahorse Design – Hand Painted Water Colour Nail Art

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do a Seahorse. Not do one, like paint one and stuff. Adam: Where are you gesturing to there? Is there a seahorse on your shoulder? Kirsty: Yeah.
Adam: Where? Is it an invisible seahorse? Kirsty: Can you not see the seahorse?
Adam: No. Kirsty: Maybe I have magic powers. I always knew I was gonna be a superhero. Adam: Maybe you’re just a bit crazy.
Kirsty: Yeah, right. Okay. Kirsty: So, I have a nail here. The colour I’m gonna use because I’m still covered in paint from the previous video. I apologize. Gonna use Blue Reflection and we will use some Snow White. Just gonna do a simple background first of all, so I’m gonna paint a layer of the blue So it looks like it’s under the sea. I always want to go oopada whoopada. I don’t know why. Two different songs. Alright! I’m gonna take some of the white. I’m using the 01 Brush. Just got a little bit of white on my 01 brush, I’m just gonna sort of like splodge. Look at that, no effort at all. Splodge it and then we’re gonna wiggle it and just do some little bits of marbling. You don’t want loads, just a little bit, just to make it more sea like. Like there’s movement, so just pale, not… you don’t want it to like, overtake the nail, okay. What were you gonna say Adam? Adam: Spongebob Squarepants. It just reminded me of it…sorry.
Kirsty: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? I’m gonna use some Mylar. I’m gonna pick up some pieces of the Mylar, place it onto the sticky layer and what you need to do is plan in your brain what you’re gonna do. So, we’re planning to put a seahorse here. Just gonna come around like this. and I want some parts of the seahorse to have this Mylar showing through. We’re gonna do the seahorse with paints that are watered down, so more like an Aquarelle, so you’ll still see Mylar. Right! I’m going to seal this in with the topcoat. This is the Urban Grafitti Topcoat, this has no sticky layer. You want to be careful when you go over the Mylar because it may move a little bit. So, just sort of float over those pieces and we’re gonna do two coats of the topcoat. Now, because I’m gonna use paints, I’m gonna buff. So, buff this nail, make it nice and matte. So, you are using two layers of topcoat, will allow you to really buff the nail, plus, it will really sort of encapsulate those Mylar pieces. These are the brushes I’m gonna use. So, I have 01, 000-1 and 000-2. First of all, I’m gonna do a wash with black. I’m watering that down. So, all I’m doing is sort of using it a bit like a grey pencil to map out. Then I’m gonna do the face. So that’s the basic kind of shape. I am just gonna put the eye in. They have these markings don’t they? Them sort of lines. So, we’re just gonna map those out as well. So, it’s all very light. Now, I’m going to use this brush. I’m gonna use the 01 Brush and this is where we’re gonna start to add nice colour. I’m gonna use this green which is called Brilliant Green Light. I am going to water it down, I’m gonna add colour to the sort of snout part. See how it’s wet? And then I’m gonna take a dry brush, because I’ve just dried that off and blend that out. I’m gonna let that dry. Now, I’m gonna use this kind of turquoise or teal colour, which is called Emerald Green. We’re gonna do the same again. I’m gonna water that down and I’m gonna come up here, add colour, take a dry brush and what’ll happen is, the brush will suck up some of the paint. We can blend that down. You can still see the Mylar shining through and add some colour here and lay the brush right flat, you see how it spreads? I’m gonna take the Magenta, water that down again, add colour, dry the brush, blend it out. Right! So, I’m just adding… see, I’ve gone into the Magenta and I’ve just pulled it down onto the face. he Magenta mixed with the turquoise, mixed with the blue. Some light green and a bit more pink. I do like this Magenta. Gonna use it quite a lot on videos because I just love the colour. And then drag some of that down to the face. Can you see how that goes like a blue? And it just adds a little bit of shading as well. I’m gonna put a little bit pink on the bottom here. And again, it’ll turn it like a blue colour. So, I’m now using the Magenta to highlight…well to shade and define these little markings that the seahorse has. Now, I need to go to my smaller brush now. So this short one, which is 000-1 because we’re gonna do the eye. Right! Now, I need a little bit of black. I’m gonna make a wash with black. I’m give a little bit of depth to that eye. I’m gonna do a little mark here, I’m shading towards the bottom. And this is just with a wash. This is, you know it’s not intense. You want to keep it nice and soft. Now, I need a white wash. So, I’ve got Titanium White. Then on the chest, we’re gonna do the same, we’re gonna highlight. I’m gonna use the white wash and create some little light bubbles. Dry the brush and suck it up. With the dry brush, suck it up and it will leave like a little circle. What I’m gonna do now is seal that. So, we need to use a topcoat. It’s very matte at the minute but we need to see this Mylar coming through. So, let’s topcoat it. This will also bring out the colours. Pop that in the lamp. Now, I have a selection of Micro beads and I’m gonna use some of those now to put on. I’m not gonna put a lot on, I really don’t want to take away from the design. It’s already absolutely stunning, but I just want to put a few on. So, I’m gonna use a little bit of Mega Gloss and just, I’m gonna add some here and this top corner. You put a little bit of Mega Gloss right on the end of your brush and then you’ll pick up the beads. I like these because they’re transparent and look very, it looks like eggs, sea eggs. Sea eggs? Sea doesn’t have eggs, Kirsty. Fish eggs! Adam: Caviar.
Kirsty: Caviar! Because they’re transparent, I think they look more sea-like. Adam: Well, isn’t caviar only one type of… Kirsty: …fish. You might be right, you know. Adam: Because, like I know Salmon Caviar is called Salmon Roe. Kirsty: Ah! Ey up. The chef’s coming out in him. Come on, what else do you know about caviar? Kirsty: Don’t google it.
Adam: I’m not. Adam: It’s from a specific type of fish. I can’t remember what it’s called. Is it a sturgeon? I know there’s like Baluga Caviar. Kirsty: Yeah. Is that the expensive stuff? Adam: Yeah, but I don’t know whether that’s actually a fish Beluga or whether it’s… I don’t know. I’m gonna have to google it. Kirsty: We need to know. Adam: Yeah, it is a Sturgeon, Beluga Sturgeon. That’s the rarest form. Kirsty: Beluga.
Adam: Beluga Sturgeon, that’s the fish. Adam: It’s an endangered fish.
Kirsty: Aah! Adam: So, but it’s still called Roe but for some reason, it’s… Kirsty: Why is it endangered because they keep eating its eggs?
Adam: Probably. Kirsty: I love how you can see the Mylar in his body like, he’s eaten Mylar. No, it looks like I think he’s got pretty iridescent colours on his body because he is the king of the Seahorses. So, there you are guys. That is how to paint a beautiful Seahorse in the sea, having a little swim in its bubbles and its caviar. So, it just needs a glass of champagne now. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Everything I’ve used today will be listed below in the description box as it always is and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thank you so much for watching. Bye-bye! Aah! Touched me, it touched me. Adam: Oh my God! Kirsty: They’re gross though. They’re gross. They land on you and start laying eggs, like laying little maggots and stuff. Adam: You’re so weird.
Kirsty: It’s horrible. They’re vile. Adam: Oh, there it is on the microphone. If I can Kirsty: Kill it, Adam.
Adam: Got it. Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: Got my microphone as well…

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