Aquarium AQUASCAPING Kids Only: Aquatic Experience (2018)

what’s up fishtank people hold
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you with a quick video with the kids aquascaping
contest how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing well
boy DS got a lot going on with the green house saga but the saga is getting
better but in today’s video I want to show you the kids live on TV contest
that was 100% free and the aquatic experience a couple of weeks back had an
absolutely awesome time shoutouts to our friends at blue ball hooking up a great
deal on some of the old Florida tanks you check out their new floor tanks and
everybody competed in in the actual big boy and girl adult aquascaping contest
but they gave us a heck of a deal on some cheap of the old model flora nano
tanks and these kids totally threw it down the winning team each split a
hundred bucks each kid walked away with fifty bucks
and I had an absolute riot looking forward to doing more of these we got a
show coming up in Dallas in March and I quit jela bro where DS gonna throw
another free kids live hockey at me contest but you can see me getting
choked up and sniffling during this and absolutely riot when I start watching
the footage I get excited as well so click the link button hit the
notifications button if you like what we’re doing subscribe and enjoy this
quick glimpse into the kids throwing it down in the contest this is it there to
go get it you can use any of the sticks you
want any of the plants you want doesn’t matter reach in there and grab whatever
you want hon go ahead whatever you want to use if you need help grabbing
something let us know we’ll get it in there for you go ahead take that old
thing on you go ahead yes oh I don’t know
let me look she’s got the bull bite us in the house right there this is why we
play the game this is zbl tear down this is a nude
where’s your entry this is the part when you see the kids reaching into the tanks
when they realize they can grab whatever you want that’s the part for me I
actually told a kid he could grab whatever you wanted anyway it was just
like the best like look on his face ever and to be recreating that and being able
to provide that for kids is totally awesome so these kids had an absolute
riot and so did I selfishly watch them do the whole thing you’re too old sir too old I love it of you turn it up about
we’ve got water coming boys and girls water’s coming looking good man see that big box the hardscape materials
everybody see all those over there you guys can use those those were donated by
a guy named cauri you guys can you’re welcome Tuesday’s cool those look good
Papa shouts dude it’s what we do man is what we’re doing that’s you she’s you
yeah sure nice throw it on the top good $100 you
want to be driftwood so sorry yeah great job man
what’s your name bro talking to the cameras and you guys made this tank on
your own did your parents help you at all all right cool where grab the camera but Congrats bro
hey listen your tank was darn good though honey you took second as far as
I’m concerned brother you all do great you can take
something with you if you want if you want to pick out a plan and take it with
you it’s on me yeah that’s my jam dude it’s what I love to do what’s your name
honey Danielle us JEP fun cool let’s get this
over here

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