And we’re here Okay so the goal here is I’m going to pick up a few supplies that I do need and then I want to take a look at some of the scaping supplies potentially as well as the fish they actually have in stock so you guys can make a better educated decision on what we should put in the tank based on what’s actually available. And of course for those not familiar with what I’m talking about, basically, I stripped down a 120 gallon aquarium out of my gallery and one that I simply wasn’t happy with and I wanted you guys to decide the stocking as well as the scaping and we go from there So in this video I go to my local fish store and we take a look around see what we can find If we simply can’t decide I’ll look into ordering some fish, but that’ll simply prolong everything Right, and I guess as a full disclaimer I should probably state that while I went in there with a mission When I go into a local fish store or my local fish store at least I get completely sidetracked with what I’m there for and I simply just start looking around and It just becomes a trip to the fish store and that’s kind of sort of what this ended up being but Let you guys watch Do you have the salt that I use? Woman: Uh do you use the… Joey: Buckets Woman: Oh the buckets, yep Joey: where they at? Woman: Um look in the closet Joey: In the closet? that’s the Coral Pro That’s all coral pro I use the Red Sea just a regular sea salt Well, here’s one This will make 200 gallons. Yeah, I’ll get a bag of that Bruce can get a water change. I named, uh, I named the, uh the lion fish. Woman: oh did you what’s his name? Joey: Bruce Woman: aw cute Joey: after Batman Woman: of course He definitely looks like a Batman Joey: I need frozen foods too You know what I like? I really like feeding? It’s for saltwater fish, but I feed it to all my freshwater fish all of this reef frenzy stuff My fish love that stuff. Oh Uh oh I think I know what you guys might want me to get All right So we got the salt and some frozen foods, even though I sometimes make my own frozen foods it’s sometimes nice just to have it available and ready to rock and roll so I can move on to other things but oh got the tanks here 40 breeders One two three four One of the things I was thinking of doing is I want to build some really simple sumps and run this the racks with them because we’ve been kind of we’ve we’ve used the We’ve used the custom aquarium sumps for quite a while and I kind of want to start mixing things up for you guys Just because it’s just gonna get very monotonous for you guys to see the same things over and over again And I would love to be able to Show you some ultimate things that you can do see which ones work better, etc. Let me know what you think of that Every time I see empty tanks, I’m like I need it. I need it. I don’t know why I need it. I need it Hey, let’s take a look at some cool fish. What do you got for a cool fish? Woman: Oh I got tons Joey: Got tons? there’s some saltwater stuff I better stay away from this for now Yeah, let me see what you got for tank needs for Bruce The proofs ease up raw, but that’s not bad, huh? Is this a Marine Goby a Marine betta is that what those are called typically? Yeah Woman: A marine betta, it’s in the family of groupers I believe Joey: Cool that’s a predator, isn’t it? Woman: It is yes Joey: I really like that Woman: Although very shy Joey: How big do they get? Woman: Uh… I think they get something around eight inches but don’t quote me on that Joey: Hmm We’re not here for that we’re not here for that Is this a trigger Yes, very nice Another predator. Yeah? they get along with the lionfish? Woman: I think they get along? Yeah Very nippy sounds familiar Could eat these guys… yellow tangs I’m not well-versed with all saltwater fish, but I’m pretty familiar with them. It’s easier to say is that a…? than assuming what it is Lobsters Alright many of you guys many many many many many of you want me to get Oscars for 120 so There’s a pretty big one in here classic tiger Let me be clear there’s actually a couple of these guys here Let’s see who likes me more. Do you like me there? Mr. Mopey pants. I like your colors Wanna come home sometime Aw I wonder if he’s like a rescue or something Touch him, he don’t like me not coming home the fish have to connect with me on a spiritual level in order to come home with me Oh frontosa I should probably also mention a few of the options. You guys have given me now there was over 15,000 comments when I asked for suggestions, and there’s no real possible way for me to go through all of them It’s I didn’t expect that and I was when it started happening and all the comma started flowing I was like, how am I going to categorize all this and kind of narrow it down? But I kept seeing a lot of comments on why don’t you go out and catch Local fish and keep them to put that simple in my province of Nova Scotia That’s illegal. I can’t do that. So that’s completely off the table. Don’t even consider it. There’s another one Kinda like this guy too – maybe it’s just under better lighting. What’d you guys think wonder if he’s friendly, huh? You want to be my friend don’t you want to be friends I don’t know you’re doing better than the other guy A little bit damage to his to his anal fin there Look at these barbs. These are filament barbs. These are actually really cool Some big silver dollars, these are actually pretty good size Some ornate bichirs Like Stein some red Hook’s Silver dollars there is a discus tank here. There’s some smaller discus. We already have discus Marble red there’s some Cobalts pigeon bloods nice These frontosa are really nice Hmm I already have a couple African tanks Oh Giant Gourami I kind of want you because you’re the normal color Another one These guys get massive See what else here then we’ve got community fish so essentially very much a little bit of everything Some gouramis See what’s in here, what’s in Tetras Embers ember tetras yeah – what else obviously we’re not gonna be able to show every tank, but you kind of get the idea. I don’t know guys Zebra Danios. Zebra danios was one of my first fish. I’m kind of leaning towards those Oscars to be honest with you I don’t know, I think somebody would buy them before I get them, especially when this video comes out Tin foil barbs. Ooh These guys get pretty big actually a really good community fish for monsters. Not that aggressive in terms of like what they’d be in with They’re the ones without the stripes Ones with the stripes are sharks, roselines Super-expensive when they first kinda hit the hobby roselines Tinfoils get really big though. Look at all the clown loaches, big ones too… I got a tank of them already Scissor tails Guppies, plecos What else we got here Think that’s a hill stream loach in the back See that? That’s cool, isn’t it? It’s like it’s dorsal and anal fins No, I think its pectoral fins and anal fins were have adapted to be able to suck on to rocks and surfaces because they come from Hill streams, they don’t want to get blown away All right Oh what’s this? Spiny eel. Man, I get asked to keep eels constantly Yay or nay? Oh axolotls these have the glowing gene, they’ve been genetically modified Turn on a blacklight which is off right now wonder if I can turn it on? Can I turn it on? I don’t know how to turn it on But they’ll glow Axolotls something else you guys ask me to keep constantly. You’ve got the basics really the normal colors and the glowing genes Quite a few of them. Oh fish Koi butterfly koi Pond season’s kind of over here oh more saltwater fish gotta stay away from these guys because we’re not doing saltwater That entire rack is like 120 or 75 so all saltwater What are these kenyis those are some more Africans. Oh, you know what I see up here? Some redhead tapajo Tropheus… these black angels are pretty cool they’d contrast with my, my Platinums… parrot fish Oh! Another oscar So he looks like he had an injury on his tail fin a long time ago and it healed but it kind of healed incorrectly but isn’t he pretty I think I like the Tigers too… black tang oh Very nice.What do we got here… some acaras. I used to keep these guys, severums, these are the gold severums red spots peacocks blennies These guys are gonna get pretty awesome looking they’re gonna end up being black massive fish will be jet black with white dots I think we’ve got more Africans and stuff. We’ve kind of seen that I’ll be honest. I’m kind of leaning towards the Oscar an Oscar tank One of the first fish I’ve ever kept So there’s two tanks here really liking these ones poking out Potted plants really nice Some of the scaping supplies here lots of substrates a little bit of wood selection. I probably have oh I do have a lot more than that, but it’s pretty cool. Lots of rocks. I use this in the saltwater tank and I set up that planted tank with this Dragonstone Nice stuff Nice little selection They have this stuff. This is impossible to find sometimes It’s like caribsea branches life rock Huh More substrate Alright guys, I’m gonna get my salt my food I’m gonna get out of here, but based on what we’ve seen. What do you think? What do you guys think we should do I’m gonna be honest. I’m kind of leaning towards the Oscars, but it’s up to you Well one Oscar not two Let me know in the comment section below Yeah another Suggestion you guys were giving me is do a big puffer fish and I was thinking maybe I could do a fahaka puffer Many many many of you want me to do Oscars? I think a lot of you are are Revolving around a big pet fish like Frank or Bruce for example, and I’m okay with that But again, let me know what you think I’m gonna continue to keep an eye on the comments and I think it’s looking like we might have to order Some fish in which isn’t a big deal Anyways again, this is your tank. So Let it evolve as such and I think when we do set it up, maybe we’ll do it live. I don’t know Let me know some suggestions. You know what I really need from you guys. How are we going to actually figure out what we’re going to stock with so many suggestions How how are we gonna set it up? How would you do it? Let me know in the comment section below

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