How’s the lighting? Csabi is adjusting the lighting. Are you ready for Csabi? I’m here in the office! [Gruber] Hey dude! [Gruber] Viktor said… What? [Gruber] Viktor said you should do a Q&A session, for the 100k sub milestone. Yeah, he just wants me to do a Q&A session here, for you guys. So here we go! Q&A session! Bamm! We started the YouTube channel a little bit more, than one year ago and we’ve got 100.000 subscribers, almost 100.000. That’s fantastic! I didn’t expect that to happen. We’re so grateful for your support! 100.000 subs! And we’ve got a giveaway for that! One of you guys, will get 1.000€ worth of Green Aqua coupons, if you live within the EU. If you live outside the EU, you will get an Amazon voucher. What happens, if you wanna travel, if you wanna come here? It’s your opportunity to choose. Do you want a voucher, or do you want to travel to Green Aqua and have your travel expenses partially covered by us. Just read the description and you will know what to do. So Q&A session, with some things, that would be very, very interesting for you guys to know about, some things that you always wanted to know about our videos. Here we are! So let’s jump into the first question! He seems to have yellow water in the aquarium and we fixed the problem. And then now, he tells us that he has cloudy water. This cloudiness must be caused by some bacterial bloom. The Seachem Clarity will not be very useful. I would use the Seachem Pristine. “Wonderful content creator.” Thanks! “Thanks so much Green Aqua, there is no details about CO2 reactor Aqua Medic, for big tank. Boring.” Boring, that we don’t have details, or the reactor is boring, I’m not sure. First of all, if you see the end of the reactor, which is suitable for multiple hose diameters, what you do, is you cut the end of it, because you don’t want to restrict the flow by the end, the tip of the reactor. After we applied the hose on it, we put hose clamps on it. Tighten all inlets and outlets, and we put hose clamps at the bottom as well. Make sure that you do everything, in order, to seal that completely. “I keep hearing tutorial videos talking about water hardness and how some rocks can make the water hardness go up. But it’s never explained, why this is a problem.” Water hardness is a problem, because in hard water, plants will stop growing that fast and you will see stunted growth and you can see some algae. You will see smaller leaves. For example, for the Hemianthus Cuba, it will start having all kinds of problems, so water hardness is very important. I would say that stay below 150, 160 TDS and you’ll be fine. “Good info, but honestly I was expecting a bit more.” We always expect a bit more, don’t we. “If the video is meant for beginners, you should explain what products do you use on the exposition tanks.” Okay, I think we did! “Why did you choose the ones that you use?” Well, it’s trial and error, as Dave Chow said in the very popular video. We try different products, we try different things. And we stood behind certain brands here at Green Aqua, because we believe in them. “I know that you guys use mainly ADA Mineral and Brighty K, plus Seachem Excel daily, but you haven’t explained, where the Nitrates and Phosphates are coming from.” I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys, the beginners. What I thought is that it would be good to understand, that if you use a factory recommendation for any fert, then you will be fine. I don’t want to get very scientific in these videos. Obviously I can go into the Estimative Index style, but that would be really a lot for you and there’s a lot of great material on it, on the internet. “Could you do a video on how to scape tall tanks?” Actually we’ve got the 60H tank, that we scaped before. When you’re having a higher tank, your light will have to be much, much stronger, because you need the light to be able to penetrate the whole height of the tank. Other viewers were asking us about the low, the shallow tanks. When you scape that tank, you have to think panoramically. And when you’re scaping the high tank, you have to think vertically. Joel Patrick has asked us: “What’s the maintaining TDS at the Green Aqua Gallery?” That’s an easy answer, it’s between 115 and 160. Okay, so let’s move on to questions about Jurijs’s tank! “I’m just wondering, why you added Amano shrimp and Otocinclus so early, before cycling. Isn’t that dangerous to the livestock?” Yes, it is dangerous and I wouldn’t recommend anybody, to add any fish, or shrimp, before three, or four weeks into the lifecycle of the tank. But in this case, we’re using filters, that already have been cycled before and they’ve been running in another tank, in an adjacent tank somewhere. “I’ve been thinking about making another tank, with perspective and depth illusion. Could you please share some links how to succeed in that?” Well, we’ve got quite a few videos with me explaining, how to add depth to the tank. You basically got two possibilities in that. First of all, you can have big objects in the foreground. Big plants, big rocks. And you’ve got small elements in the background. Also, you can play with lines! You have to have lines, that lead your eye towards the back. So you can have paths. Monotosh Mitra, thanks again for commenting! I know, that you are commenting regularly. “Just thinking about the maintenance of this, very little place to work. But to achieve the best, we need to take a little pain as well.” Oh yes, we do! And oh yes, it’s very difficult to maintain, you’ve got to fit your hands like this. Okay, so let’s move on to the 60l tank, that I scaped. “Do the Siamese algae eaters not eat the moss?” The Siamese algae eaters will eat the moss, when the Siamese algae eaters are getting bigger, we take them out and we place them in another tank. “How do you stop brown algae from getting onto the plants?” Well, actually brown algae can only appear, if you have a low-light tank. So if you have strong lighting, then you’re not gonna have any brown algae. And also the Otocinclus Affinis will eat the brown algae. “Please make a video on how to create photoshoots for aquarium competitions!” That’s coming up, stay tuned! This kind of feedback is really important for us, so please let us know in the comments, what kind of topics would you like us to cover. And please check the videos before, because I keep getting comments from you guys, that didn’t see at least the list of our previous videos. Because we’ve got quite a few tutorials. And while we’re here, I’m gonna just tell you, that yes, we’re making a tutorial on lights. Okay, the next one is about Dave Chow’s tank. “Beautiful scape and crystal water. Can I ask you, how many times and how much water do you change?” Well actually, we’re changing 50% water every week, on all tanks. And we’ve got our water change system invented quite cleverly. And probably changing the water for one tank takes about 20 minutes. So it’s not a big thing to do. “Hey! A quick question, how is the water clear like that and what do you use, to keep it that clear?” We’re having good filtration, and we have a stable ecosystem in the tank. And also, we have the Opti-White glass. People do not realize, how important clear glass is in a tank. Also, we are using Seachem Purigen. In every tank. “I have a salt water aquarium, but I also think fresh water aquariums are incredibly beautiful. What a good structure and choice of plants!” Many-many people come actually to us, telling us that they switched from salt water tanks to fresh water tanks, because of the lush growth, because of the nice and friendly green atmosphere of a tank like that. And we only know a couple of people, who went from fresh water to salt water. But those were the weird ones. I’m just kidding! I’m glad you guys have a good sense of humour about this! Sonia on our way here, she’s like: “Do you think that they get that they’re nerds?” “This is something, that makes me smile and happy, thanks! Big shout-out to the man, who’s *maintaining it, it looks so clean, healthy, just amazing.” Yeah, well Dave Chow is a big master and I think, that this guy has the Amano spirit. And this is how I started that video, that I think that Dave Chow is the closest thing for me personally, to Amano, living. It is trial and error. I made so many errors before, so you must make yours. And then after that, you can find your own solutions. Okay, moving on to the contest tank series, that we did in the past weeks. Filipe Oliveira! Oh, Filipe is commenting! Let me see, what Viktor selected from him! “The main issue of a layout like this is the high maintenance.” Keeping all the plants in shape, and not overriding others in the foreground will be very difficult.” Yes Filipe, you are absolutely right! Obviously the main goal of mine, by building this tank, was not ease of maintenance. It was just the most breathtaking look that I could get. And also, Gábor is helping me to maintain, so I don’t care! No. I do care actually and yes, you are right. “Thank you for sharing with us this new episode of the low budget tank series!” Yeah yeah absolutely, the 450 is not a low budget tank. Obviously, the Formula 1 cars are not meant for budget. “I have a remark on your pre-contest picture. The tree is the central piece of composition. On the photo, its shape does not stand out of the background, as it deserves. Maybe you could adjust the lights, to make it stand out.” Lionel, you’re absolutely right! And we received a couple of comments about that, so even with the wide-angle lens, there’s not much difference between the foreground tree element and the background. So what you see there, is these two blending together. And that is a real problem. I’m gonna do tweaking on the background plants and I’m also gonna do a lot of lighting. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna get to light that tree from different angles. “Don’t you think the contest picture is a little flat? Some shadows would be very useful.” This is a thing about contest pictures and contest tanks. And all tanks in general. They’re not ready, when you built it. They’re not ready after one month. You need to tweak. Dave Chow said plus and minus. He commented to me: “So let’s do the plus and minus!” “I’m just wondering, if Monte Carlo will survive without the substrate.” Yes, Monte Carlo does really well without substrate. “What are those black, brush algae eating snails called?” Yeah, actually I mentioned the name of the Clithon Corona snails. I put them in the description, so you guys have to know, because sometimes you’re asking us questions, that you will find in the description. So this concludes Viktor’s ideas about the questions. Thanks again Viktor, for taking the time! And I will move to the community tab of Green Aqua now. “This was an amazing series, I can’t wait to see it grown in. You are by far the best aquascaping channel on YouTube!” Thanks so much, but I thought that’s… George Farmer. He’s reaching 100k! Shout-out to George Farmer. Go George! Yeah absolutely, go George! He’s gonna reach the 100k sub milestone just 3.000 subscribers before us! And I’m so happy for him! He’s a great guy, a very good friend, a great aquascaper. So let’s just push it! Two more until the 100k! And when it’s ready… Yes! He got it! So let’s call him, now! Let’s call George! Speaker! Let’s see what… Oh, look at that! And we’re up! We… [Answering Machine] Hello, this is George, please leave a message after the beep. Please leave a message?! [Answering machine] After recording please hang up or press the… What is this? No! No, I’m here, you’re sleeping! You just reached 100k, man! Oh Hans Peterson, Mr. Gruber is coming. Hello, Mr. Gruber! [Hans] Hey, what’s up? You’re on camera! He doesn’t know what to say! That’s really funny! “If you had to choose 10-12 plants, for a one meter diorama style tank, what would they be?” You could probably just check the video of the 450 contest tank, the last episode of it. Just look at the list of the plants, because those are my favorite plants, that I used. “What was the result of the competition? Did Green Aqua win?” I’m gonna probably not send this picture to the IAPLC, because they only accept original works. And I think I already won the contest, because you guys appreciate my work so much, and this was meant to teach you, how to do a contest tank. AQUaddicted, nice nick! “In which contest do you actually want to participate with this tank?” The Aquatic Garden Association Contest, as IAPLC does not accept published works. “How do you siphon the gravel/sand in a carpeted aquascape? Greetings from India.” We move the suction hose above the gravel, this way. So if you do move it this way, then you’re gonna stir the surface up a little bit and you’re gonna suck out all the debris. Just Doin Florida nick. “I would like to know, why you chose that fish that you did, for this aquascape?” I thought that the White Cloud Mountain Minnow will accentuate the scape a little bit, by its black stripes. The size of the fish, the stripes, the colors. Pablo Martinez asked me, whether I’ve got problems with Purigen in a planted tank. No, absolutely not! Purigen is like a magic ingredient to a planted tank. “Greetings from Philippines!” Mark Justine, greetings from Hungary! “Honestly I think this scape is too much overly designed. It kind of reminds me of the camouflage military uniform.” “This looks like one of those cheap corny ornaments, they sell at pet shops.” Oh yeah definitely! I love cheesy! “Will you guys make a scape that is newly made and not totally copied from your book?” I don’t think, that we copied anything. Gruber’s future wife is calling now. Hello honey! Okay, so Gruber’s wife says hello. “So plants like Monte Carlo, Reinickii ‘Mini’, or even the Hemianthus Cuba can grow just hanging on a bonsai? Can it really survive without the substrate?” Yes, they can! The experience is that most of the plants will uptake the nutrients from their leaves. “Can you help me with low-tech plants, without using CO2?” I think that actually we’ve got quite a few videos on the Green Aqua channel with low-tech plants. “I love the scape and the videos about it. I love the dolly shots you have, sliding across the front of the tank. However, I was thrown off by the trial contest picture, because the tree is so large in the foreground, the scape seemed to have very little depth.” Well Josh, you’re absolutely right. And I really love this constructive criticism, that I get from you guys from time to time. I would really love to encourage you… Oh, thank you! The green tea is here! Go, go, go green tea! Keep it coming, baby! Keep it coming! There we go. Thank you! “Do you suggest having more or less fish, to make a beautiful aquascape come to life?” We don’t like to have many fish in the tank, and we also don’t like to have big fish in a tank, because they will distort the scale of the tank. So what we like to do, is to have a small group of smaller fish. If you’re looking at the contest pictures for the IAPLC… Oh hello! Flies here… Csabi, do something about this. I can’t work like this, I told you. “I’m curious, if you guys could make a video of you’re recommended clean up crew.” Then I’m gonna really tell you quickly, what my favorite “clean up crew” is. Otocinclus affinis, Siamese algae eaters, Amano shrimp obviously and the Clithon corona snails. Muhammad Latif again, from Indonesia. He has the Staghorn algae in his tank and he asked us what to do about it. We’ve got the algae video, you should check that out, mate! And I’m also pointing out to the website, which will explain to you, that Staghorn algae is a CO2 related algae. “What way is this hobby is moving from your point of view? I’d love to hear your opinions, on your current personal motivations, if you are at the stage, where you’re hunting prizes for contests.” For me, participating in contests is not that important anymore. Because I have got the YouTube channel here for you guys, to see what we’re doing. And ultimately, you guys are gonna judge and if you like the scape better, than Josh Sim’s scapes, then I’m gonna tell him. “Do you have dates listed for upcoming workshops?” I think I’m gonna list the dates in the description now. “So many different ideas and beliefs and the different ways, to use liquid fertilizer.” Yes! What I’m trying to do here is just to try to show you, what we do. I’m not saying that’s the only way to do it, I’m trying to show you, because we know that works. But there’s a fight out there. Definitely! People just love to fight about everything, even aquariums. What? This is a hobby! Come on guys, chill! Take it easy! Have some green tea! Alright, so I think that this concludes our Q&A session here today, and I’m really grateful for you guys, to be here with us! Please stay tuned! Please smash that like button, if you like the Green Aqua channel and do not forget to subscribe, if you didn’t do so yet. We’re hitting the 100k milestone And don’t forget about the 1000€ giveaway! Details in the description and I’ve already talked about it before. So, until next week! Bye! By the time that we started shooting this video, we’ve got 27 new comments. And I gotta answer them all. Thanks so much you guys! It’s incredible! It’s Thursday. We’re shooting this video on Thursday and we’ve got 1000 comments on the first day of the video. And the old videos, added up. It’s crazy!

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