Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping, to the Green Aqua Gallery! Do you have a planted tank that you like, but not completely happy with it? Would you like to build a stunning aquascape in your home? If the answer is yes, than this episode is just perfect for you. I’m going to take this aquarium and I’m going to boost it for you guys. Adding some plants and hardscape to it. Join us on this beautiful autumn day. As I said this episode is mainly for you guys, who already have a planted tank but are not completely happy with it. But what about those who have a nice fishtank at home – not the planted tank, but a regular-type fishtank. Well, the bad news is that you will probably have to change just a little bit more things about it. First of all you probably have some pebbles or sand on the bottom of the tank. These inert substrates are not really good. For two reasons: 1. The inert substrates are not really helping you with the filtration Not many bacteria can thrive in them. Secondly, plant roots do not really like to stay in inert substrates. Which means, that you will probably need some clay-based substrate. In order to do that you will need to empty the tank take the fish out and start everything from scratch. ♪ Can’t stop, won’t stop’ ♪ We have nice videos about that. So if if you want to check the Green Aqua YouTube channel you will find some videos on how to set up a nice planted aquarium – from scratch. Check them out! Another problem is the technology behind a regular fishtank. You will probably need a stronger light. Like we have here. Or you will probably need a stronger filtration. Like we have here. This tank is a 60 x 30 x 36 cm tank. 64 liters, Opti-White, ADA glass tank. Which has the ADA Garden Stand – a beautiful glass stand below it. The lighting is the ADA AquaSky 601 Moon. Which you see in the back. Actually. We will change this later. I will talk about it – why. The aquarium filtration is the ADA Superjet ES600. Which has been designed to be good for 36 cm-high ADA tanks. It has the ADA glass in- and outflows. The ADA Bio Rio and Seachem Purigen Filter media in it. As I told you before, having a good quality filter media is very-very important for a nice tank. To have the Ammonia decomposed into Nitrates. This is the basis of the modern planted tank hobby. Please make sure that you have a strong filtration underneath your tank. ♪ ‘you sure you can handle ♪ We have a pressurized CO2 system here. With the ADA Music 10D diffuser. We have other accessories as well. Like the Eheim skimmer, and the Twinstar M5 sterilizer which helps us in almost all tanks to get rid of algae. Or to avoid algae bloom. As in many other tanks in the Gallery we are using the ADA liquid fertilizer system. To have ferts for the plants. What kind of plant are we using? You can see the list here now. We have the Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’ In the foreground. We have Anubias nana ‘Mini’ We have Miriophyllum Guyana. Rotala Vietnam H’ra. A beautiful red plant in the background. Wy have Hygrophila pinnatifida which is a nice fern-type. We have Cryptocoryne albida ‘Brown’ here which I thought is Pinnatifida at the beginning because the leaf-shape is a lot similar… Obviously Pinnatifida is a little bit more rugged. On the surface, but the colors are exactly the same. Like Pinnatifida – in this tank – at least under this light. OK, what else we have here… We have Marsilea crenata in the foreground. To have some detail and break the homogenity of the Eleocharis. And we have Gratiola viscidula which is a nice little stem plant in the middle. That adds just a little bit more green to the tank itself. Which – obviously, as you can see here – is reddish. Let’s talk about lighting a little bit. I’m gonna switch the lighting because we had the idea to try – for this kind of reddish look to try a different light here. And this one is the Twinstar 600S. I’m going to remove the Moon and I’m gonna introduce the Twinstar 600S for you guys The reason why we switch is that the Twinstar light is a little bit more reddish than the moon light. Which means that it will increase… It will bring up the redness of the plants and we’re gonna really like the whole change in this tank in particular. So let’s check it out. See the difference? Very visible. You want me to change it? Let’s do it. So one… Two. Right? Let’s talk about what I want to change here. First, I don’t really like that there is no transition between the foreground and the background. The stem plant and the whole hardscape starts at once. You have this kind of transition between the foreground and the background. I don’t really like that. I would really love to have something that goes smoothly from the foreground towards the back. Which means that you will have some perspective in the tank. Secondly… I wanna introduce some more plants to add more detail to it. The more detail you have in a tank the better. Because the size will seem bigger if there are more details in the tank. Okey, so let’s start working guys! Come with me! Okey, so I will show what kind of plants I’m goint to introduce in this tank. Staurogyne repens. The first one. The second one… is the Rotala bonsai. The third one is the Alternanthera reineckii mini. The fourth one is the Bucephalandra sp. Lamandau mini red. I have three of these. Right here. And then I have the Bucephalandra sp. Red I have two of those here. So I’m gonna introduce these plants… As you can see most of them are reddish plants. They are gonna go well with the already reddish tint of the aquarium. Let me take my mandatory gloves. I’m gonna start working on the tank by putting the light a little bit towards the back. So that it won’t obstruct me while I’m working. I don’t want to switch off the filter. Because I’m going to introduce some rocks. These are Frodo stones. I’m gonna take some Frodo stones, Hold them in one hand because I’m a strong guy. I’m going to introduce them in the middle. We don’t see the first rock because it’s very small. But I’m going to put the second one on top. And you will already start seing this. I’m going to introduce the third one. Right there. In the front. I’m gonna lean it against the wood. I’m going to put the big one in here. You can see that the water already started pouring out. I’m gonna just take off some water. ♪ I put on a tight show. ♪ ♪ You sure you can handle? ♪ ♪ We’ll be faster than Django ♪ I will try to find a nice graduation towards the right side. To make a triangle composition here. I’m introducing as many rocks as I can. I don’t worry about their placements too much. Because I’m going to use the wood to compensate… for what’s happening here. Okey, I’m going to introduce some more in the foreground. As well. To add some detail to the tank. This one here? I’m receiving instructions from Viktor. So you guys can blame Viktor. If you don’t like what we’re doing here. I’m happy with this now. I’m gonna introduce some wood. And I’m going to put the wood in.. So my main idea is to keep the wood going from the left side to the right side. I’m going to try to introduce all other elements to go together with that idea. If I can. I’m going to introduce the plants. I’m going to take the bigger Bucephalandras. I’m going to put them in between the rocks. Towards the back. Then I’m gonna go with the Lamandau Mini Red. Which goes to the foreground. After I’m ready I’m gonna go with the planting of Staurogyne repens. I’m going to put this plant into the mid-ground. To get the transition from the foreground to the background. I’m gonna put some more in the grass. Just to form a more bushy effect here. Note that I didn’t stop the filter at all. We prewashed the wood. And the stones, before we introduced them into the tank. The tank will not be very cloudy. The ongoing filter will also help us with that. I have some stem plants that do not grow really big. The name is Rotala bonsai. I’m going to introduce Rotala bonsai which is a stem-plant that grows about 10 cms high. I’ll just introduce it here, between the rocks. Hoping that the roots will go down to the bottom. To get to the substrate. I’m not pushing it down all the way. Just putting it in between the rocks and the wood. The idea behind the planting in this tank is not have an order. But rather to have a big mixture of all kinds of plants everywhere. This will give a very hectic look to the aquarium. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be like by people. Because it looks something like in the nature. The last plant that I’m trying to introduce is the Alternanthera reineckii Mini. Which is also a high-growing plant. If you trim it regularly it will stay low. It has bigger leaves. Then I’m going to do a very quick trimming. On the existing plants. Using the ADA curved scissors. Usually we stop the filter while we’re trimming. We didn’t do it this time. We want to keep it going. You can also see that the filter is pushing the plants all over the aquarium. Luckily most of them will float up. We don’t have any mosses in the tank so we can just net it out. I’m just taking out as much as I can. Whoops. It looks like the stem plants are coming up. I’m gonna tuck it back in. At the beginning when the roots are not developed yet you have to be careful with the hardscape. Okey, so I’m gonna do some more trimming. I’m gonna go all the way down on the left side. Trimming the Rotala H’ra. The red stem in the background. Leaving some space on the left side of the aquarium empty. To have a graduation. Towards the right. The whole idea behind trimming of the plants is to have a nice and organized look in the tank. So make sure that if you want this kind of artistic balance in the tank like I prefer then you should be very tidy. In having straight lines or curves in your aquarium. Let the plant selection to add detail. To add this visual element to the tank. Instead of having curved lines. And all kinds of differences between plants in this tank. Obviously when you are making a very sophisticated scape like a contest tank, you can have all kinds of eye-catching small details plants sticking out or even visual elements like negative space. Right here, in this kind of aquascape let’s say that it’s there. To just have it aligned and and let the colors dominate. Unfortunately this is not a live event so I’m gonna ask my friends who are my biggest critics what do they think about this aquarium and I’m gonna let you know. Is it better? Viktor says it’s good. So I want your opinion, please tell me what you think of this aquarium. Did it get better? Did it get worse? Or… Alright guys, so I really hope that you like the end-result of this aquarium-boosting session that we did in the previous 15 minutes It was a very short boosting session. You can do this athome by just bying a couple of plants. Buying some hardscape… Then you can just make your aquarium much better in a short time. OK guys, so I really hope that you like the end result. Please comment. Please let us know what you think about aquarium. I’m gonna show you a before / after image now. So this is how it looked before. And this is how it looks now. This is the comparison between those two. You can see the old version and you can see the new version. Please comment, let us know what you think. If you have any suggestions, as to how we should continue the video series on the Green Aqua YouTube channel, please let us know. We are open to all kinds of suggestions here. If you like us please subscribe. Or you can hit the bell button. To get notified of our future uploads. Until next week. Goodbye.

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