Aquascaping Lab – VALLISNERIA Aquatic Plant technical description and management (all varieties)

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Vallisneria Plant and some of the more diffused variety Vallisneria comes from Hydrocharitaceae family and it is the most common variety of aquatic plant its ancient origin is Asian but is diffused around all over the world for its durability and ease adaptation It’s totally submerged plants and develop very high ribbon leaves like almost vitrified The variety Vallisneria is often recommended for beginners because it is very simple to manage and can leave well both in acidic water or hard water can resists in water which shows a high conductivity (high microsiems also 1000) It is characterized by an exceptionally fast growth it must place it on background you must to be sure that the tank has a height suited to the growth of this variety once the leaf meets the water surface, continues to grow on it and give a sense of fluctuation and movement in the aquarium VALLISNERIA GIGANTEA It is the largest variety of Vallisneria in the natural environment can reach a height of 2 meters The leaf has a thickness which can be up to 3/4 cm and the extremities are characterized by a dark color almost dark brown this does not mean that the leaves are not healthy It is very fast and you have to choose large tanks it is also the most durable, can leave from 16° to over 30° Celsius VALLISNERIA SPIRALIS Very similar to the Gigantea values and maintenance it only changes the morphology of the leaf which has a reduced height and a narrower width, about 2cm It characterized by a lighter green color VALLISNERIA RUBRA Very similar to the Gigantea values and maintenance has a more rigid leaf the same Spiralis size but characterized by a more dark red color in bright red light appears more bright red VALLISNERIA NANA Very similar to the other Vallisneria requirements very strong and fast growth Geographical origin of this variety is from Australia Presents very narrow leaves the fundamental difference to the other Vallsineria is the thickness very thin leaf almost less than 1 cm olso have a more reduced growth in height almost 50 cm max It should however be positioned on background VALLISNERIA TORTA Very easy and similar to other Vallisneria requirements is characterized by reduced ribbon leaves about 25 cm height but with the peculiarity of having twisted leaves like a spiral let’s talk about reproduction and moltiplication; It reproduces very easily, thanks to the production of many stolons you can also duplicate for insemination once the flower emerges from water talking about fartilization and substrate we can say that It can also stand in tanks with little light and no CO2 system but it needs a lot of substrate because the variety is characterized by substantial root system with many stolons which soon will become plants is recommended a rich integration of fertilizer 1 pot of Vallisneria is sold about 6/7 € in shoop for the proper management of the water values as PH GH and Temperature for increase alimentation and fish care acquaintances from fry breeding to disease prevention I invite you to click on the English playlist “acquascaping and technical advice” thank you for watching this video tutorial write a comment for any question and click on like Subscribe on Aquascaping lab channel for other video and news

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