Aquatic adventure pt3, The Amazon

[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh my god. Another thing,
when there’s birds. In my shirt. It’s like a rain forest,
but it is so hot in here. I don’t like birds at all. It’s smelling so good. My sister loves
birds, but I don’t. I’m not about birds. Dad, let’s go. Hey. [INAUDIBLE] Oh my god. Rain! [INAUDIBLE] Daddy’s here. Oh my god. I want to go down. I think we should go down,
because I’m not a fan of birds, and want to leave
this birds thing. But at the same
time, this is cool. And even more cool is this. Hey. Look at it. He smiles like this. Let’s go, [? Rach. ?] Oh my god. Look at it. Look at how it’s eyes. Y’all didn’t see it that much. This is so dark. It’s come. He doesn’t see
that one is moving. He’s coming. Look, there’s like that place. This place is hot. Was that a given? [INAUDIBLE] I don’t like birds. Mom and dad is here. I don’t like birds. Dad is here. And so I don’t like birds. [INAUDIBLE] Tracy’s so scared of birds. I’m not a scaredy bird. How dare you? I’m going. I don’t– That is the boy. Oh my god. This place is like a water
park, but it’s so hot in here. I hate birds. I know [INAUDIBLE]. I can see one. The little light fish here. I don’t think I can see it,
but I can see this [INAUDIBLE] that well. Oh, I can see one. This one is kind of weird. But look there– look at this. I think I’m getting
used to this place. I think. The fishes. I’m not scared. I’m not scared. Look at that. That’s a bird. It’s only small birds. You said that [INAUDIBLE]. It’s the same bird. We’re just going to see
that now [INAUDIBLE].. Let’s go. This is not good. Look at that place. [INAUDIBLE] Blah, blah. Look at this fish. I like the fish better. Look at, up– up. That one’s going down. This one is coming down. But I don’t want it to come
down all the way to us. Look. Look. Let’s go. I think we should start
walking gently a little. I think we should
start going back. Maybe just– and
then you follow me. Oh my god. Look at this. Not so bad after all. This fish is cool. Oh, look at this. This are like so fast. You can see the bone, I think. It’s like– it’s like– Oh, look at them. It’s like Moana, the thing– that when her grandma died,
she turned into a fish. Oh, there’s a big one. There’s that, but it’s
not the same color. That’s what you like. Do you like this? Duh. Like these ones? The zebra fish? It looks like a zebra fish. They like just run away. So funny. They’re like zebras like that? Now, these ones are much bigger. You should show them. Oh my god. Look at that one. He has eyes. All the fish have eyes. [INAUDIBLE] I think we should
go back upstairs. Even [INAUDIBLE] wants
to back upstairs now. We came back where the tiger– the crocodile is. [INAUDIBLE] I can’t see. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Wow, look at this. Back where the birds
are, look at this. This is iguanas. This is the iguana. The chick’s not moving. [INAUDIBLE] I don’t know what she’s saying,
but let’s just say yeah. They have a [INAUDIBLE]. But there’s only one. So he has a [INAUDIBLE]. Let’s continue. OK, we’ll go to watch a video. But the video is tonight. You’ve got to see a man
saying something on the tree. Yeah, you can see
that there’s nothing. I think. Wait, let’s put it
in and angle it. Yeah. See a man? [ANIMAL SOUNDS] [INAUDIBLE] do rivers fly? That’s ridiculous. Of course they can’t. Well, I’m going to tell you
a story about flying rivers, because they do exist. You know this tree right
here, where I’m sitting, contributes a great
deal to the atmosphere? This tree uses its leaves
in the canopy above, each a little solar panel. It uses this energy to pump
water up from the Earth. Trees and leaves
into the atmosphere. Is one of great importance
for the entire South American [INAUDIBLE]
from these trees, which need to be
conserved at all costs.

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