Aquatic ambience COVER ROCK 2015 [Donkey Kong Country]

Hi everybody and welcome to our videogame
world! The released game of the week is…
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, whose release date is february 21st.. only for Wii…
U. In this game you’ll play as Donkey, Diddy,
dixie and Cranky kong. Cranky kong is a playable character? That
molded creepy old monkey? Indeed. Anyway… the music of the Donkey
Kong Country series is one of the best in the whole videogame industry.
These masterpieces were created by Robin Beanland, David Wise, Kenji Yamamoto, Grant Kirkhope… – …and do not forget to say that Mr. Kirkhope
was one of the judges in the FamilyJules7x.. contest.
– And the results are not available yet! – STOP BEING A NUISANCE, YOU MORON! – We already know that there’ll be a remix of Aquatic Ambience, from the first Donkey Kong Country game, so… here’s our remix, Sir. I hope you liked this video! If you do like it, make sure to click the
like and the subscribe button below, Sir. Last week we played THE LAST OF US menu theme,
click on the screen to watch it. Thank you very much, we’ll see you next friday!

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