Aquatic Arthritis Exercises for Arthritis Pain Treatment : Aquatic Arthritis Side Bends Exercise

Hi! My name is Rotem. I’m an Exercise Physiologist
and an Aquatic Therapist, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. The next set of
exercises will the trunk stretching exercises. All the exercise in this set you have to start
with the starting position as I explained in the beginning. Make sure all the time your
chest is elevated at certain side, straight, knees are a little bit bended and legs are
parallel. Also, it’s important not to twist too much your trunk when doing it or not to
bend too much or twist your knees while doing it. The first exercise will be the bend trunk.
We’ll place our hands on the pelvic, on the hip, and just tilt to one side, back to the
center, bend to one side, back to the center. Make sure you’re looking forward all the time.
Don’t let your face go downwards.

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  • she`s really good my mother have this problem she tried her exercises and she got rid of her pain from her shoulders after 3 years it really works thankyou so much and i also wanna know some more exercise for lower back pain arthritis

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