Aquatic Arthritis Exercises for Arthritis Pain Treatment : Shoulder Shrug Aquatic Arthritis Exercise

Hi! My name is Rotem. I’m an Exercise Physiologist
and an Aquatic Therapist, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. The next exercise
is the shoulder elevation exercise, or if you want to call it shrugs. I’m taking both
arms together up towards my ears, then down, up, down. Now, you can do it also with one
hand at a time. It goes up, down. Don’t bring your ears toward the shoulder. All the
movement start from the shoulder and ends with the shoulder. Don’t tilt your trunk too
much when doing this. Don’t do it like that. Just from here to here and both arms together

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  • A very informative video. Arthritis pain can be nicely treated with aquatic therapies.

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