Aquatic Center Social Media Update 1

[ Music ]>>It’s pretty big,
I mean you could put like a track in here
or something. You could put — I mean there’s
tons of things you could put in here, if it’s already — if we’re going to use it for
like the gym, like we kind of already are, we could put like volleyball courts,
whatever. We could actually just spread
out what we already have or put in something like a track so
that people could go on walks or something like
that, during the day.>>I think that the money that
it costs to keep this running, I heard that we were in the
red a lot, just with this area, so the money I think could be
more effectively geared towards student success,
student resources. I think there’s a few things
that are lacking on campus. When I look at universities like my transfer for instance they have their union and their
food court and their billiards and things like that,
just even a pool table, even though it sounds
silly, it’s student comfort and it’s relaxation and it’s
Zen and communication and fun. And I think there’s some of
our labs that could be expanded and some things that
could happen here that would be very beneficial to
the current student population.>>It’s a good meeting place,
I mean it’d be fine not to have to travel off campus to go and
get like food if I didn’t want like cafeteria food or like
snacks from a vending machine, I could at least come in
here, socialize, you know. Like I said, just eat, like
if they had like a Chick-fil-a or a Taco Bell or whatever in
here, I’d be good with that.>>We could probably
use more labs, more interactive labs ’cause
I’ve only seen two interactive labs in the school. I’m sure there’s more, I’ve
just only seen and heard about two so, you know,
maybe more interactive labs, more classrooms,
something like that.>>I feel like it’s the best
thing if they would keep it, you know, ’cause I feel like
there’s people already here, like that have their
organizations here but if they weren’t
able to keep it, I would put like an
indoor soccer or maybe like a gym facility ’cause I
think fitness is very important. And if we lose the
aquatic center, then that’s just one less
thing that will keep people fit so I think we should
really put a lot of emphasis on keeping people
healthy and stuff like that ’cause that’s a
big problem in this country.>>I think the space would be
better utilized of course I’ve never seen any students or known
of any students who’ve used it. It would be better utilized if
it were maybe a lounge area, food court, some kind of
maybe food pantry for some of the students who are a little
more disadvantaged could come and eat, hang out,
get some rest, maybe play foosball
or something. [ Music ]

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