Aquatic Centre Activities, Sydney Weekender

But first up, Mel’s in fine form. The key to exercise and staying fit is mixing
it up. Plenty of variety to keep it interesting. Well here at Sydney Olympic Park they’ve
just installed this, the TRX, Total Resistance Exercise. It’s the latest craze sweeping the world. Let’s see how I go. The TRX straps are set up on the balcony
in the health club at the Sydney Aquatic Centre. And if you’re a beginner like me, there’s
always someone on hand to show you the ropes. So I don’t need circus artistry skills here? It’s
all looking a bit Cirque du soleil. No well the good thing about this, it creates
instability in an exercise. Instability? Instability in an exercise. And that’s what we want, why? That’s what you want, because then your joint has
to create stability, which then creates strength. I’ve only done about 5, ha ha Why is this piece of equipment this effective? You’re working all the muscles in your body
and you’re challenging your stability. Slowly, lower your body down, bring your hands
closer to your shoulders, straightening your arms out. Fantastic. And you can feel it all down through the back
of your shoulders, and all the way down through your Glutes and
all the way down in your legs as well. I felt it everywhere. Well that’s you sorted. Now what about something for the kids. Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do is the national martial arts sport
of South Korea. Arh, oh this is really good, you get your
frustration out. Introduced as an Olympic Sport in Sydney 2000, not only is it a great form of fitness, it
gives you life long skills of respect and discipline, and improves your co-ordination. Besides that it really is a lot of fun. And it gives me lots of confidence. You can defend yourself when you’re older
and you go to the park by yourself. Well I can release my anger out. Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do. And if you have really little ones, this is
the perfect place to start. With the mums and bubs. Okay I haven’t got a real one but it’s the
next best thing. This is the mums and bubs swimming lesson
in the wonderful Aquatic Centre at Sydney Olympic Park. A great place to bring kids, young and old. What we are going to try and do is have their
ears in the water as much as possible. Look at this little first timer, 9 months old, first swimming lesson. Doing very well. This is a water familiarisation class for
babies from 6 months of age. It also builds confidence in new parents. While singing along to nursery rhymes they
splash, kick, go under water, blow bubbles and generally have a ball. After a hard days workout, I think like this
lot, I’ll sleep like a baby. Splash out and join the fun at the Sydney
Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. You can check out all the activities at

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