Aquatic Exercise Routines for Arthritis Hip & Knee Pain : Aquatic Side Kick Out Exercise

Hi my name is Rotem I’m a Exercise Physiologist
and Aquatic Therapist and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. The next exercise will
combined the last exercise that we just did we did the kick out but this time we would
also turn to the side when doing this. So again you are starting from the starting position,
lift your leg, bend your knee, take your leg to the side, bring it back inside, kick, bend,
and put it down. Now the other leg I’m lifting the leg straight, bending my knee, bring the
leg to the side. You can also kick to the side, bend the knee again, bring it to the
middle, make a kick, and bring it down. Now with the help of the wall also so I’m lifting,
bending, taking it to the side, kicking to the side, bring it back to the middle, kicking,
bending, and down. Again leg straight, bend, take to the side, kick to the side, bring
it back to the center, kick, and bring it down.

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