Aquatic Experience: Kripke the Chameleon and Project Piaba

Hey River Lifers what a surprise I ran
into my friend Kev Kripke the Chameleon and Friends awesome yeah good to
see you here of course well it’s been an awesome experience as you can see all
the YouTubers out here we all having fun you got to see a lot
of unique tanks we were able to see the creativity from a lot of youtubers and it was of course wonderful to see you. I’ve been a youtuber for probably about a year and a few months and my channel is more of a family friendly pet channel and we feature like
aquatics and don’t forget Spock the mudskipper thanks for saying hello thanks guys I
appreciate the check out this guy’s Check out this guy’s channel give them a thumbs up and
I’ll see you on the next one! take care Because of our fish hobby
the result is preservation of vast areas of the Amazon. Man, you can learn some stuff an
Aquatic Experience meet my new friends Jackie and Scott. I’m here representing
Project Piaba. Project Piaba has been working for about twenty years down in
the Brazilian Amazon working on the Rio Negro where for generations the people
that live there have been capturing beautiful fish for the global aquarium
trade and because they have these fish and this opportunity to capture and sell
the fish because people worldwide such an appreciation for this fish gives them
a basis for a livelihood earn some money to care for themselves and their
families and they know that the health of the fish populations is connected to
the health of the tropical forest and the whole ecology that surrounds it so
because of our fish hobby the result is preservation of vast areas
of the Amazon I wanted have the Aquarium Community realized
impact on the Amazon. Well we’re hoping to do some activities with some kids as
they show up throughout the weekend. So basically if you keep an aquarium you’re
helping the world environment. Check out this Project Piaba dot org find out how you can
get involved

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