Aquatic Experience : My Aquarium Box plus Friends!

the Statue of Liberty was barely visible
on final approach to Newark Liberty International Airport on my way to the
Aquatic Experience 2018 where I would see not only magical aquarium
awesomeness but also run into some old friends while making some new ones as
well. Hundreds of sponsors and vendors make the aquatic experience the largest
consumer aquarium show in the United States. Our friends at tropica always aim
to increase the joy and experience of having aquaristics as a hobby. This year
they brought in George farmer international aquascaper from the UK
George not only built the beautiful aquascape you see featured here but also
built several others during the show before a live audience. My Aquarium Box
was a vendor again this year with Greg Jones, Mike from MASS aquariums, and
Michael Eugenio they also hosted special guest Pecktec. It was good to see Victor
of the V stag youtube channel again the Aquatic Experience is a great place to
run into old friends and to make some new ones. Here is Susie Q of QueAquatics,
Don from NYGOLD, and Liz from OnefishTwofish ROC. I’ll
put links in the description of all of these great YouTube channels so that you
can get better acquainted with them and for now it’s time to wrap up here at the
Aquatic Experience and start the journey homeward. I was already reminiscing about
what a great time I had had at another Aquatic Experience. All the friends all
the exhibits all the education what a wonderful show. I’m already looking
forward to next year but in the meantime I’ve got all of this footage to edit and
make videos out of. “I wonder if they’ll like it?” I thought to myself. Why don’t
you leave me a comment below let me know what you think about all of the Aquatic
Experience footage. I’ll put a link above to a playlist of all of the Aquatic
Experience videos so for now, so long Lady Liberty in hello Hills of the Blue
Ridge. Thanks for coming along on this one I’ll catch you on the next one. Until
then get out there and See it. Love it. Live it! Okay, Cheers Riv… you can use this an outake right?

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