Aquatic Experience: Simply Betta and Aquarist Podcast

check it out Taylor simply betta great
seeing you here listen thanks for spending a minute with
us it’s fun it’s so busy there’s somebody base to see who okay besides
that Flip aquatics which is totally my favorite of course I love the bettas
too because they’re my favorite fish in the whole wide world
and I’m obsessed Look who I ran into its Randy from Aquarist Podcast Randy this place is phenomenal it’s pretty awesome what are
you digging about the aquatic experience 2018 so meeting people like you interacting
my people that maybe I’ve seen online or I haven’t seen online at all meeting
people that I’ve interviewed over the phone kind of built like an online
friendship with them you had great wonderful conversations that a lot of my
listeners obviously I heard and it’s a meet them in person for the first time
is just an awesome experience how did the River Life viewers get better
acquainted with you so I would say check out the check out the interview with you
right so you’re not jumping in at first into Aquarist Podcast you know you’ll
kind of take your listeners on a little bit of a guided adventure into what I
knew is that a YouTube channel so this is there’s a YouTube channel of course
podcast it’s all audio only though so my podcast server pushes it to YouTube you
can subscribe to that channel look for that logo you’re going to love his
content I hope you discover its own river life sent you all the fishfam and the FishTube are gathering up for the first annual FishTube photo

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