Aquatic Eyes | Makeup Tutorial

For today’s tutorial I will be doing this look right here.
I’m using the color thrash from the electric palette I think I look very much like a fish and
I hope you enjoy today’s tutorial first I’m putting some eyeshadow primer on Then I’m taking peach smoothie on the Sigma
E25 brush and placing this right below my brow Next I’m going in with chaos from the electric palette
on this EcoTools fluffy brush and I’m running this in my crease Next I’m going in with fringe from the electric palette
using the big side with the brush that comes with the palette and placing this on the outer third Right at the end I’m mixing a
little bit of gonzo into fringe Then I’m going in with this flat shading brush from
EcoTools and putting thrash on the middle third of my eye I’m using the fluffy side of this brush to blend
the edges between thrash and fringe together I’ve loaded the flat brush with Thrash
and I’m spraying it with some mist and I’m going to dampen the
area where Thrash already is and then I’m going to pack some more thrash on
top of that but using the fluffy side of the brush If the crease loses intensity then go back
in with chaos and build it back up then underneath on the outer third I’m putting fringe and a little bit of gonzo on the edge then I’m putting thrash on the middle third then using the small side of the brush that comes with the electric palette I’m taking revolt spraying it and packing this on the inner corner I’m lining my upper and lower
waterline with this black liner Now I’m going to load up on mascara
on my top and bottom lashes Now for my base I’m putting a little bit
of tinted moisturizer on my brush and then a little bit of this milani foundation Now I’m going in with some concealer Now I’m setting my concealer with this e.l.f. HD powder Next I’m putting a little bit of highlighter on For my brows I’m first brushing
them up with a spoolie then I’m filling in the gaps with
this anastasia brow pencil Then to finish off my brows I’m setting
them with this brow mascara to finish of the look I’m putting this liquid lipstick
from sonia kashuk on. it’s the color vintage wine blotting okay and that is the finished look

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