Aquatic Health – Yoho National Park

Of all of the planets that we know of, ours is still the only one that has water. And, life cannot exist without water. [Jack] Why are you catching those bugs? Well, these bugs can tell us an awful lot about the water quality in the park. Unfortunately, the bugs don’t exactly volunteer for the job, so we need to encourage them to come out and tell us their story. By studying these bugs, we can learn more about the health of the river. Gotcha…. Millions of Canadians depend on the safe, clean water that originates from our Mountain Parks. And, it’s not just people who use these rivers. These bugs feed fish and the fish feed other wildlife. If you look up high in the mountains, you can see the glaciers and snow packs that feed these rivers… … which is why they are so very cold. Every major city in Alberta and British Columbia gets its’ drinking water from these mountains. As the Aquatics Specialist for the Mountain Parks, it is my job to monitor the quality of the water. Many toxins disappear within hours in the flow of the water, but their impact can last for much longer. By looking at the bugs, we can better understand long-term effects. Everything is downstream; rivers connect to people, fish, wildlife, and eventually feed into the oceans. It’s essential to protect our watersheds because…. … good planets are hard to find.

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