Aquatic Invasive Species Overview — Ann Pierce

The bottom line for everybody
I think this year is to remember that
the laws that we have in place really will help prevent
and curb the spread of aquatic invasive species. And that if we follow those laws
we can play a part in helping protect our resources,
those lakes and rivers that are really precious to us. So it’s really our
personal responsibility to understand
what we need to do and follow the law. What you need to remember
is to clean, drain and dispose. So clean your boat
when you are leaving an access, pull your drain plug, drain your boats, live wells,
bait buckets, motors and dispose of your bait. What they will do is,
as you come out of the water, they will look over your boat,
they will also feel your boat and they will make sure that
that boat is clean. If there is any vegetation on it
they are going to make sure that that comes off. If they feel any bumps
they will actually potentially take a little scraper
and scrape those off to make sure that
if those are zebra mussels or Eurasian watermilfoil
that they are getting that off so that boat is not transporting
what was in the infested lake to a lake that is not infested.

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