Aquatic Language – Mizu no Kotoba – Eng. Subs – 720p

STUDIO RIKKA AQUATIC LANGUAGE You look bummed out, like you
just broke up with your girlfriend. I did break up with my girlfriend,
and I am bummed out. But you wouldn’t understand how I feel. How could I? Since I’ve never had my heart broken. The cause? A stupid fight. “You’re so annoying.“
“Be more considerate.” So you were bickering. I didn’t really mean it. Anyway, it’s a big world. You’ll find somone else sooner or later. After all, girls make up half the world. Speaking of that, listen to this story. What’s the story? I heard it from my friend’s friend. – Hold on.
– What? Your friend’s friend is
someone you’ve never met. It’s weird to say you heard
something from someone you’ve never met. – Don’t get picky with my words.
– Really? But it bothers me. My friend’s friend told my friend,
and I heard it from that friend. Hearsay. And? She said there was this guy she liked. She said of all the guys she’d met,
he was the most compatible one. Compatible. Right. And it turned out that he… Get your act together! …he wasn’t a gUY! – Really?
– It’s true. It’d impossible for them to get together… It could happen. What’ve you been staring at?
You really like nitpicking my word choice. Huh? Nothing…
Well, it bothers me. Why would it be impossible?
Words themselves have a strange power. He calls them “language spirits.” He says powerless words vanish. But powerful words remain,
even after they’re spoken. This guy says there’s a lot of
extraneous light in the world, so we can’t see these
language spirits anymore. Are you listening?That’.What? That fish. It’s… alive. OK! Now it’s your turn to listen. It happened three days ago. I was sitting right here, and then- The fish in that picture disappeared! You probably made a mistake.
There are so many pictures up there. You probably got the pictures mixed up. If that was all, it might
have been a mistake. The problem is what happened next. That fish- It was swimming! Read a book! Words are different from movies and music!
You’ve got to believe me- I’m telling the truth. I’m serious! Academic books
It’s really true! History
It’s really true! Mystery Science Fiction
It isn’t fiction! Other books SF Complete Collection 1-5 That story I heard from my friend’s friend- Hearsay. Just when you’ve found
someone who seems compatible, you always find some flaw. If they’re really so compatible,
then a few flaws shouldn’t matter. No, I’m talking about a fatal flaw. Like what? Like, he wasn’t really a guy. – Did that really happen?
– Yes, it did! Women are so annoying. “Women, women.” Isn’t this youngster a bit conceited? Like you’re not young. I’m not as young as I look. Huh? What? Would a girl really say that about herself? Say what? – Well…
– I’m not as young as I look. – Now that you mention it-
– I’ve never had my heart broken. That’s strange too. Hey…Hey!
But it’s the truth. A refill. That picture of a fish! Get up! Let’s take a look at that fish! You might understand if you look up close! Fish? It’s right over there! I’m going over!
A door? – I’m not going.
– But why? Here you go. That actor was talking
about language spirits, right? …Language spirits and fish.
Am I so strange? …Language spirits and fish. You said this place is like an aquarium.
– That person over there! – You’re kidding! Was that a coincidence too? See? They’re annoying. They’re probably talking about me. You’re sparing a youngster’s feelings?I’ll find someone else sooner or later, huh?If you’re compatible
a few flaws won’t matter. It’s hard to find someone like that. I wonder. Maybe we’re compatible? Out of all the people I’ve met so far, you’re the one I’m most compatible with. You’re in bad shape. She didn’t know! That easel- Do you see it? That- Go take a look. Please. You’re wrong. A human-shaped robot isn’t called a robot. It’s called an android, not a robot.
What’s this about, anyway? So your point is, “It stays on your mind?” But it’s true… It could never happen… But it’s true.“Aquatic Language?”The fish! It’s disappearing!So you were bickering.I didn’t really mean it.…hewasn’taguy!Now it’s your turn to listen.But powerful words remain,
even after they’re spoken.
Aquatic Language You want to talk more? Nah, it wasn’t important. H ey- Why did you show that to me? I must not allow a human to come to harm. My duty is to help humans. What are you talking about? It’s one of the Three Laws of Robotics. I helped you feel better, right? Need I say more? You’ve said plenty. Thank you for coming. Aquatic Language Original Story, Script and Production Cast: Yasuhiro Yoshiura Eric Kelso Music and Sound
Effects Rurnlko varnes Satoshi Watanabe RPmi S?b’j’na_ni Rlsa Shlralshl Greg Dale Jeff Manning Original Story, Script and Production Yasuhiro Yoshiura Music and Sound Effects Satoshi Watanabe Cast:
Rina Matsufuji Chihiro Kusano Mayo Sakasegawa Yusuke Sakaguchi Akihiko Yoshiura Satoshi Watanabe Subtitle Editors: Paul Inthavong Matthew Kim
Joseph Ryan Pas Samuel Peralta Brian “Zizi” Wu

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