Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid Fixture Review, Best combo with LED light ?

Hello everyone and welcome to Aqua Splendor my name is Nicolas Marion and this is the review for the aquatic
Life T5 Hybrid Fixture I got this light since the last four months I didn’t
have any issue with it I’m very pleased they add some more customization
for the slide by default you have the 18 inch but now they are selling a shorter
bracket from here and you can reduce the width by a 16 inch and you also have if
you have a bigger aquarium you also have a larger bracket 24 inches so very
customizable this is this hole was made for the Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue and you
have now also a new braquet that is the hole is really small that will
fit the the Kessil A160WE right into that, so they have that very pleased
with that. One of the reason why you want to have this light it’s because you
want the LED but you also want the T5 because you probably want the
spectrum of the of the T5 and it give a special look to the aquarium for me one
of the reason it’s because I just want to spread a little bit more light because
Kessill is more like a spot so if you have like shadow
it doesn’t cover some area so the T5 will just light the whole aquarium. One
of the reason the people really enjoy this light Is because that space you can
put pretty much any light right now on the website what they say about the
comptability is you can put the Kessil A360WE you can put the A160WE also the
AP700 have also the Ecotech Radion XR15W and XR30W and you
also have for the Aqua Illimunition the Hydra 26 and
Hydra 52 and also for the the AI Prime HD but it’s only just a space so you have a
bracket, I don’t have the bracket right now but you have bracket it that
you can put pretty much any light so it’s very very useful so you have this
place also if you have the 16 model and you wonder how to put the bracket, all
you have to do it just invert it will take less space also what I
enjoy is that is really a sleek I don’t have any problem with the design I
think is very well made yeah it’s really simple all you have is a pretty much how
they do is they put like some bracket and you have like the ballast actually I
open this unit to show you inside what was the balast so we can see on the video
is the SL218-40 UNI sorry I don’t have a lot of review, i don’t
know what people say but personally I have zero problem it doesn’t generate a lot of heat, so I’m very pleased and it doesn’t make a like a buzz sound
so the ballast work perfectly i have no complaint at all this is the kind of stuff that
you want to have in your equipment it work and does a job. The light is made of aluminium and I know a 100% sure because I made some
hole into the light and I saw it was aluminium They put some cover the black
powder coating on top of it to protect the light and yeah I like the
powder it’s very good quality if you wonder for the cord, the electric cable
the lenght is about 8 feets or 2.4 meters I I think it’s a really good choice of lenght
the other thing I really enjoy with this light is because I’m sleeping just next
to my aquarium silence is very a big thing for me and this light doesn’t make any
noise at all so I was really pleased in my aquarium
I have All in one aquarium So I have a like a,
I need to offset the light so i cannot put my light in the center so i have to offset, So you have this option, you can slide this bracket all you have to do is put some screws and yeah over all the light you can customize a lot of
stuff like you can choose of course that the T5 but you can choose
pretty much all kind of light in the middle the only concern that I had was
by default the light have electric output just over there and here it doesn’t
make any sense whatever your configuration of aquarium
it was only my concern and I did some modification I did some hole on the
bracket and you cannot see but there’s another bracket small bracket here, so
ahead I made two holes for those bracket and I just inverted the the light so right
now I have as you can see I have the two electric output over here. Now I
don’t have any issue at all with the light so I was really pleased. The Socket
here is really soft, it’s easy to put the T5, no issue and the socket is soft
and i think it’s waterproof, i’m not 100% sure. it’s
also easy to take the light out so yeah… Also they have a reflector to spread a
little bit more the light from the t5 What i wish they made for this light is to have like a wireless timer because like you’re in 2018 most of the
light now have a wireless timer or you can have like a device that you can put
you’re setting so it doesn’t have anything like this in the like maybe in
the version 2 of the light we’ll see how I wish the t5 was with the ballast was
a dimmable one, right now we cannot dim the light it’s pretty much On or Off and
when you put On the light there’s a one second delay it think with the balast, so I’m gonna show you the modification I made for this light
like so I’m gonna speed up the video so it’s not boring and you will see what’s
inside of the ballast so there we go
I hope you enjoyed this little time lapse fo the modication about the Hybrid Fixture
so I did I put fixture over my aquarium and you can notice I put my
Hybrid Fixture from like eight inch from the surface if there is a two reason I
did that one is because when I have to to put my hand in my aquarium I just need
some space so it give me plenty of area and the second thing the second reason is
because the t5 are generating some heat you will see with my
thermometer how much heat generate. so from this distance I can feel
the heat so just to be safe I just put some extra inch to so it doesn’t affect
too much the the water so I’m going to turn On the T5 my T5 are currently plug
on to a Smart Plug so I have an application on my phone and I just can put the t5 On
right away so there we go so I hope you saw the shift of the color actually I
can do a little comparison like this so you can see it’s more purple because I
have the Actinic and Purple Plus from ATI and this was my
personal taste so there we go I hope you can see with the camera how brighter
it is I will show the comparison between on and off later on the video
but meanwhile. “hello cutie-pie” alright sorry about that
he’s 18 years old so he need to I need to check him time to time so I’m gonna
use the parameter which is right over here I’m gonna show the difference
between the T5 On and Off with the PAR meter how much it affect the light in terms of
PAR into the aquarium so let’s do it. so now it’s time to use my infrared
thermometer so has you can see on the side with 36 Celsius which i think
it’s 97 Fahrenheit so you can put your hand without any problem. All right
and now the T5 so we get around 77-78 which is i think is
pretty normal for a T5 and on the bottom we got in the range of this 60 to 70
Celsius. Okay so now let’s test with a white paper I just want to show you guys the
temperature under the T5 because I said earlier that the the T5 are warming the
water so you need to take that in consideration so you can see at
first the white paper had a lower value and now I’m putting my lasergrip a
little bit higher and you can see how much the temperature is raising so it’s
something to take in consideration so I like said the earlier I think I put my
fixture about the 8 inch from the water
alright so now the Decibel Meter showing a 42 decibel but this light
doesn’t emit any sound this is just my ambient sound in my in my room but this
light is completely silence no buzz nothing really really good light for the
silence. So now with my energy meter so for almost 9 hours of usages it uses a
0.8 kilowatter, voltage at 120, ampere 0.82 voltage, lowest is at 96 and highest output
was a 109 and now the current usage is 98 watt so if you want
to know how much it consumed during the day for eight hours you need to multiply
98 watt multiplied by 8 8 hours divided by 1000 equal, 0.784
kilowatt for day now if you wonder the price you
multiply this by your local energy cost so let’s make an average of like in
North America its 0.15 cents so 0.15 x 0.784 equal
0.1176 that means it costs 11 cents per day so now you multiply this
by 30 days, equal to 3.52 dollars for the month and now for the
years it’s multiplied by 12 so it’s an average of like 43 dollars per year so I hope this helped you to give you an idea of how much it goes it’s not
exactly that but isn’t a an average so now let’s see the difference between the
T5 On and the T5 Off So there we go I hope you enjoyed this
video it took me a little while to do it because it was actually my very first
product review so I hope for first one it’s it’s a good enough so if you have any
suggestion please let me know if i did something wrong let me know in
the comments below I will read them and maybe you can help me to improve my
future video and if you think this video was a really useful to you please hit
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if you watch the whole video from the beginning to the end without skipping
your freaking hardcore because I know my video was a little bit long and so thank
you very much and I hope to see you later on another videos thank you bye

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