Aquatic Plant Ideas for Your Pond | Decker’s | Capital Region Upstate NY

Good morning folks, it’s Sunday morning and
we just got some rain last night. Might be a little too wet to work in your garden but
it’s never too wet to work on your pond. Look at these aquatic plants that are starting
to bloom in our display pond here in Pattersonville. Aquatic plants are a great way to add filtration
to you pond, help with your pond health, makes the fish happy. There are fish over here this
morning. I’m thinking they’re ready for some breakfast, huh? As you can see over here we’ve got some Water
Lilies, We’ve got some mini Cat Tails another Water Lily over by our stump and look how
clear our water is. Over here on this side we have a small bog
on this pond, the aquatic plants are just flourishing, they’re definitely doing their
job and they’re helping with the water quality but it’s just like a little mini landscape
here. You can just add different textures, different flower colors, just enhances you
pond so even though it might be too wet to be in a garden, it’s never too wet to work
on you pond. Come on in and see us either in Latham or Pattersonville. Have a good day.

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  • should i plant the plants into the pond, or should i plant them in pots then put them into the pond? i am worried about the roots from iris, taro and cannas possibly damaging the liner from inside. thank you

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