Aquatic Rehabilitation After Quadruple Amputation at Helen Hayes Hospital

Therapist: Is that painful? Linda: Yeah that is. Therapist ; So now
if I lowered you down a little bit do you still have that same pain? Linda: No. Therapist: Okay good.
Okay so I’m gonna ask Matt if he would so kindly, unless you just want to come
out and do your thing here. So good you got it, you got it,
excellent. All right so perfect. So let’s make our way over to the wall. Anything
that’s tender in your shoulder? If there’s anything where you’re feeling a
restriction tell me in your shoulder blade. So that’s a little tight right
there right? Linda: Yeah. Therapist: I can feel that. Oh in terms of the pull obviously we’re using
the pool to loosen up your shoulder, increase your range of motion, get you a
little stronger in the shoulder, but also in terms of you being able to walk and
ambulate and strengthen your hips and your core, what else do you feel is
really good that you can see is beneficial with the pool that’s gonna
help you be stronger and have a better balance. Linda: It opens up my lungs and it gets
my circulation going. Therapist: Okay. Linda: Definitely feel like I can move every muscle in my
body there’s no restriction cause everything loosens up. Therapist: Okay. Linda: And even just strengthening one like last time when I was doing laps. Therapist: Okay, so we’ll do some of that again today. We’re gonna go into the
two-foot sectio. Linda: Okay. Therapist: Well let me start with just a stretch to open up your hip. Linda: Okay. Therapist: and actually as we’re bringing you up here. Are you getting a little stretch? Linda: Yeah. Therapist: Okay so now let me see you do your hip extensions and really the effort on the
down, awesome, awesome. And again I’m stabilizing you, keep
thinking belly into your spine so you’re supporting your low back. Right, you
relax. Let me do some stuff to that shoulder now that it’s been stretched in
that position. That’s an uncomfortable position for you though isn’t it? Not
right now, good. I might probably. Linda: This is usually where yeah when
I start putting that arm back like that. Thats the toughest area. Therapist: So let’s start on our back. Let’s do some
stuff strengthening your posterior musculature. Let’s go across the pool.
This way, okay there you go, all right. And then I’m gonna give you a little
assistance turning around. I’m thinking if we use this, okay now, okay now let’s
do, okay off you go. There, better. So let’s now go from our back to a vertical
position. So you’re gonna pull your knees into your chest, and then come and just,
Maybe even let’s see balancing out can you, except good, now pull the knees back
into your chest and go back onto your back.
Yeah those orange rings were perfect for you. They gave you just that amount of
flotation. So find that just suspension, vertical suspension. Good there you go
beautiful. Go into a split and see if you can just
hold that. Good, okay so this is our last session.
How many did we have, we did four together? Linda: Four. Therapist: Okay so now you’re
independent with a family member to come and use our wellness program and use the
pool one, two, three times a week. Whatever you decide but you’re
definitely going to start up next month you’re thinking? Linda: Yeah. Therapist: Okay good
okay so whether it’s your husband Ron who’s been trained and is comfortable
with the pool or your mother-in-law and you’ve got the packet, I gave you the
packet for the wellness program. Linda: Yeah I got that. Therapist: Okay.
All right well maybe I’ll see you um walk with your prosthetics
one day down here. Linda: Yeah I’ll come down. Therapist: okay I’d love come come look in the window I want to see
you poke your face in the window and do that with Joe one day. I want to see you
through that window and then I want to see you in here too. Linda: Yes, I will. Therapist: All right all the
best to you. I’ll see you. Linda: You’re the best. Therapist: Thank you. You’re so sweet.

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