Aquatic Rehabilitation – West Florida Aquatic Program

– Hi, my name’s Ross and
I’m a physical therapist here at West Florida
Rehabilitation Institute. Today I want to introduce you to our Aquatic Rehabilitation Program. The West Florida Aquatic
Program offers physical therapy in a warm water
setting for patients with conditions such as,
arthritis, fibromyalgia, stroke, spinal injury, brain
injury, orthopedic injury and neurological disease. The therapists will perform
a comprehensive evaluation and design a treatment plan
including individualized exercises, establishment and
instruction in a pool program and or progression to land
based physical therapy, depending on the patient’s needs. Our experienced staff
uses the unique properties of warm water to provide
physical therapy in a safe, less painful environment. The low impact, aquatic
based exercise program offers many benefits to recovering patients. The buoyancy effect and
resistive properties of water allow for a variety of
strengthening, balance and coordination
techniques to be performed. The patient may then continue
the program upon completion of the aquatic physical therapy. The Aquatic Rehabilitation
Program is just one of the many tools that
we use at West Florida Rehabilitation Institute to
help you get back to your life.

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