Aquatic Science and Technology (MSc), DTU

What I find interesting and really inspiring,
and motivating being here is that the knowledge that we get and the methods and tools that we are taught is always set in relation to how it can be applied in the real world. That we use our biological and physical, and chemical understanding to apply that to different things. I come from a background in biology, and to actually use that knowledge and apply it to give fishery advice, or to help in
developing new fishing capture technology to improve a sustainable
development of the fishery or to develop in aquaculture,
for me it’s really good. I just returned from a field trip to Svalbard, where I have been looking at the different response technologies to cope with oil spills in the Arctic. We were looking at Calanus Glacialis,
a zooplankton species that is a key species in the Arctic ecosystem in the food web, so even though they are small, they have a huge effect. With the knowledge I get here, I know that I can have an impact. I know that I can have an influence, and then I can choose where I want to put that.

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