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Have you tried Aquatic Therapy Equipment? You will absolutely love the selection Sprint
Aquatics has to offer your school, home or business. Since 1972, Sprint Aquatics has been designing
and patenting products that revolutionize the aquatic industry. Visit our website often to see our entire
Aquatic Therapy Equipment product line that we have to offer. From belts, collars, kickboards, exercise
and fitness paddles and weights, we have you covered. Our patented product and one of our best therapy
products, the Sprint Aquatics Water Walking Assistant, is designed to improve your balance
and gait by providing upper body support. It’s made of oversized foam and quality
PVC for support and buoyancy. We are extremely passionate about providing
the very best physical and occupational therapy equipment available. Our goal is to help practitioners and patients
alike enjoy the natural, soothing and beneficial properties of the water. Sprint Aquatics continues to create products
that meet the needs of everyone who uses the pool as a form of aquatic physical therapy,
training and recreational fun! You will be amazed at the quality and competitive
pricing! To place your order for Aquatic Therapy Equipment,
please contact us at or call 800-235-2156 today!

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