Aquatic Therapy For Spinal Cord Injury

Therapist: Good, take in a nice deep breath into your nose. Okay, good, and just roll that head a
little bit for me. How’s the neck feeling? Beth: It could use some love. Therapist: Okay, could use some love.
Let’s give it some love. You tell me, okay good. Move however you
need to to loosen up those tight muscles around that collarbone.
Where do you feel a lot, mostly in the back here on that right, okay all right.
Am I on it? Beth: Yes. Therapist :Okay so to stretch that trigger point, let’s do a little side
bend to the left, a little chin rotation, and then I want you to look down into
that left pocket. Good, so perfect, and just breathe hear me hold that for three
nice deep breaths.Good. Good, and then when you are done come back neutral. Okay, and then let me see your arms press back,
thumbs up, good and then pull those shoulder blades down a little bit
perfect, hold that right there, okay don’t let me move you. I want to just do some
exercises to stabilize and work on your core strength.
Good, nice, and then that’s all relaxed down there. Take a nice deep breath in through
the nose, exhale and then let those shoulders just drop, perfect, excellent.
Don’t let me move you Good, good, breathing. Okay, all right, excellent nice
stabilization there. Beth: Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Therapist: Okay feel like you’re doing some work there? Okay good, so you’re feeling the
resistance of the water. Let me see you turn those feet in to
face me a little bit more can you, yeah, so find that, even with this left foot
here if you need to stabilize with me to make that little adjustment, good, okay
good and that you’re not too far apart that those ankles are under the knees,
good, hip-width apart, good. Okay, beautiful. Good, now right here
at this level I want little push downs right here, so just right under the
surface and again you’re really thinking about bringing those shoulder blades,
setting those shoulder blades in a neutral position down and back and
giving me 20 little pumps there where you work on stabilizing that core, so, yep
less is more, don’t pull yourself off that wall, excellent, little tuck in
that chin perfect. Good okay now let’s switch to the other
side. Just holding that there beautiful,
beautiful. Beth: Thats getting my left IT band. Therapist: Okay. Beth: But that’s try and do this. Therapist: Okay. Therapist: Relaxing those shoulders perfect, knee in ninety. Let me see you bring the knee out to the
side, and only, yeah tight okay. Beth: Oh my lord. Therapist: Feel like that’s just real tight there?
That tight inner thigh. Beth: I don’t know if it’s tight. I think it’s a combination of
tight and my inability to move it on my own. Therapist: I just gonna say, so keep thinking of
that, yep, nice. And then back down. reach out with those arms really push out with those arms, good. Okay good, hold
that there don’t let me pull you. A little tug-of-war here. Good and you can
look forward, good, yeah. Excellent all right let’s do some
walking across to the other side. Anything bothering you today what are you
feeling? Beth: Just the usual in the IT Bands. Therapist: Okay some tightness in the IT bands.
I love the new bathing suit. Beth: Thank you.

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