Aquatic Vehicles from “Partners on the Battlefield”.

[Music] hello war one a team family this time showing a random military play said the name of the place Eddie’s partners on the battlefield it is intended to war distribution since the instructions are showed in several languages this military playset is formed by three aquatic vehicles let’s open it one of the action figures came destroyed at least it has a nice white in scale accessory I can use somewhere else other than that is actual and figures are a shame they are low quality very fragile well this military playset is formed by a triad of aquatic vehicles the smallest one is this kind of carjack it is a very well sculpted it is not formed by one piece but it cans with two screws so it can be easily customized if it has two holes that are removable [Music] and can also swivel on their supports is a smooth but really nice toy look nice toy this is the second vehicle of the Triad even though this vehicle is a motorized at one it comes with a two removable oars just in case your engine fails or you ran out of fuel the Baker also comes with a matching game here in the front movable handle and I love these small detail here it is a box to keep tools or probably other accessories they are sculpted you can’t open it these handles here’s perhaps to drag divers or allow divers to climb up to the Baker and the last component of this playset is the bigger vehicle it is a motorized boat it is not as detail as the other vehicles from the playset but still it’s nice and since it also has screws you can easily open it and you can customize it to your own needs we see this huge weapon in the front part of the vehicle Mako has a seat here and it seems that the driver also has to handle the machine gun not exactly the same but this vehicle is very reminiscent of the GI Joe Devilfish [Music]

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